21 June 2023

Lectures cycle about different materials with the participation of 6 sector companies for the Undergraduate course in Interior Design.

The importance of making connections between students and companies through live lessons: thanks to this comes to life MaterialsMEET@IEDMilano, a cycle of six lectures that involves students, from all over the world, enrolled in the Undergraduate course in Interior Design at IED Milano.

The lectures, moderated by Marco Vicinanza, professor of Materials Typology, took place from April to June, involving the companies Elitis, Sikkens, Rice House, De Castelli, La pietra compatta, Fenix.

The choice of materials is fundamental while developing an Interior Designer project, even because they need to speak with the environment: the large availability, thanks to the technological upgrades, requires a specific knowledge of the material itself to make accurate decisions.

The aim of MaterialsMEET@IEDMilano is to increase the knowledge of students and learn more about the related production methods and developments of Interior Design: during the meetings students had the chance to have a first contact with companies and with materials as well.

These meetings turned out to be useful for our students as a full experience including some practical activities, so fundamental in the everyday life of a designer, as well as some useful insights for their professional future.  

During this conference journey, the six companies had the opportunity to tell their stories and to connect with the students from the Interior Design Undergraduate courses, in order to give birth to a space for discussions and  networking between experts and future designers.

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