Portfolio Review Day Design 2024 IED Barcelona


12 January 2024

Final year students of Transportation, Product and Interior Design at IED Barcelona exhibit a selection of the most outstanding projects developed throughout their training period at the centre

Vehicles that pay homage to iconic models, functional products with a social conscience that reconnect with their origins, and spaces that celebrate art and creativity. These are just some of the works produced by final year students of Transportation, Product and Interior Design at IED Barcelona during their training period at the school that were on display during Portfolio Review Day Design 2024.

The academic activity organised annually by the Design School, which is held on 9 and 10 January at its Point One facilities, enabled the entire IED community as well as guest companies and professionals from the sector to learn about innovative proposals committed to sustainability and heritage at the service of people and the environment.

The Transportation Design works showcased a range of vehicles, from compact electric motorcycles with a futuristic aesthetic that anticipate future mobility trends to sports cars inspired by races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans that incorporate filters to clean the air during use. The proposals also focused on imagining solutions for sea transportation by designing yachts with dual functionality: in addition to leisure activities, for instance, their design is adapted to facilitate the monitoring of regattas or other water sports competitions.

Product Design students, on the other hand, created everything from glass plates that can be infused with smoke and aromas related to the food that is on them, thereby offering an enhanced visual, sensory and interactive experience, to lights that use leaves as a lampshade. They also created street furniture that transforms itself depending on the time of day in order to offer new uses: bench by day, shelter for homeless people at night.

Finally, Interior Design students remodelled the appearance of an artist’s apartment that was inspired by his work, devised commercial spaces aimed at accommodating alternative business lines for commercial brands, and also created ephemeral spaces for musical groups, among others works.

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