18 June 2021

Ilaria Legato, Coordinator of the Master Course in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism, is a professional specialised in brand and communication design in the food wine and tourism sphere for clients in the Florentine Restaurants world. She is founder of I food designer created together with the Italian Food Designer Paolo Barichella, an initiative focusing on national and international food and design projects.

What is the role of the Brand Designer today? 

The role of the brand designer today is to create magic: joking aside there is a bit of truth in what I say. Today people do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic. The role of the brand designer today is to be able  to create all the brand strategy process: it must therefore be able to build the values the vision the mission and the purpose of the brand its essence. Being a brand designer does not mean dealing only with the image of the logo but building the whole brand essence, its personality, the tone of voice with which to communicate and relate to customers. To build a strong brand, you have to deliver a positive and consistent emotional experience. The more you do this, the more people come to rely on you and, most importantly, trust you. That trust is why we all return to our favorite brand over and over.


Why should you decide to attend a Master program held in Florence and Barcelona?

From branding techniques to service design, the goal of this Master course is to help students and young professionals to develop their skills as future Managers of the horeca industry, integrating food wine and tourism into lifestyle offers. Together with a common focus on service design for hospitality and tourism, both in Florence and Barcelona, a deep dive on food and service will be the main zoom in Barcelona, while a vertical exploration of the wine sector will be provided in Florence. The city of Florence represents one of the fastest growing industries worldwide for what concerns its brands, which play an important role in local, regional and global economies. The semester held here aimsat creating professional figures specialised in brand design management and strategic planning in the fields of food, beverage and tourism. Barcelona and Catalunya offer the opportunity to experience the dynamics occurring when a city and its district represent a brand for themselves. During the semester in this city, students explore the many opportunities that companies find in this specific area of developing ground-breaking projects in the fields of hospitality, service design and project management.


What is the approach of the Brand Design, food wine and tourism Masters programme?

Hands-on approach and design thinking method are used as a keys to immerse students into real cases and face the experience of professionals, companies, brands that are shaping the market of restaurants, wineries and hospitality. This Master course mixes up conventional and up-to-date learning materials and methods with an interdisciplinary vision that means interaction with design topics, arts, lifestyle and fashion, to really create a different and valuable point of view. The course is highly interactive: a continuous and substantial participation from students is required. Classes are combined with seminars, conferences and workshops held by international and world famous specialists. Visits to local realities and the participation to events of the industry are part of the study plan to show students the best practices of institutions, companies and brands related to tourism, food and wine.

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