Master courses in Communication: get an insight

The Master courses promote a multidisciplinary approach and the exchange of knowledges, combining study and research with practical work and organising extracurricular activities.

Through this page we want to present you a preview of your future educational pathway during the Master courses in Brand Management and Communication, in English or in Italian at IED Milano, Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism, in English at IED Firenze, Brand Management, in Italian at IED Roma, Creative Direction in italian at IED Milano,  Marketing e Comunicazione in Italian at IED Torino, Event Management and Digital Communication Strategy, in Italian at IED Milano. Here we tell you the stories of the students that preceded you, their projects and experiences and the people they met.

Enjoy the trip!





The aim of this Thesis project in collaboration with Arnette, Luxottica group’s brand, is to work on the concept of sustainability that the brand wants to promote with the release of the new models of eco-sustainable, gender fluid glasses, expression of the street-style for generation Z.

Thesis project with Deliveroo

On the occasion of the expansion in more than 150 Italian cities, Deliveroo, one of the largest food delivery platforms in Italy, asked the students of the Master in Creative Direction to develop a multi-channel communication project to transform the brand into lovemarks. For example, Valentina Trevisanello’s team developed a communication campaign entitled “Your good excuse”. The idea starts from a funny truth, that of telling a little lie when you don’t want to leave home. “Deliveroo is the good excuse to use when you don’t want to do something” says the IED student “but especially when you want to take time for yourself”. The message was conveyed through “walkable” signs, billboards, Instagram Stories and other media. Find out more about the Master and Thesis Projects in collaboration with Deliveroo in the video!


The students of the Master in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano had the chance to work with Lemonsoda, a drink that has been launched in the 40s becoming a real icon. The brand, part of the multinational company Royal Unibrew, asked them to create a new premium mixology platform, that could help the historical brand getting closer to young people. Working in groups and following different directions, they developed 3 lines: healthy, retro, and twist.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of competitors and targets, they outlined which characteristics the new products had to feature and identified the system of values to which they belong. Then they found a strategy to differentiate within the market: they found a new brand identity and gave birth to a unique brand experience.

Watch the video of Roberto Zepponi, Marketing & Trade Marketing Director of the company who supervised the project.



The Barilla Foundation asked our students in Digital Communication Strategy at IED Milano to work on the live social media coverage of its International Forum on Food and Nutrition at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan. Teaming up with the Foundation staff, the students managed the social room of this international event, where times and deadlines are essential. At the end of this experience, they created a Manifesto on the perfect management of a live event, where keypoints are: putting it into play, team working, respecting the deadlines, improvising, managing the stress.


After the market launch of three new super-premium canned beers, Ceres invited the students of the Master in Brand Management and Communication to develop a long-term strategy for the new products, encouraging them to reflect on a market that is not only growing but also conquering new consumer spaces. In the video the students talk about their projects. For example, Luca Crispino’s team “developed a communication plan to inform the target audience about the qualities of the product and all the pros of having a canned beer”. Elisa Vecchi and her team, on the other hand, “focused on developing a product that was appealing to the target from 18 to 24 years old”. To achieve this goal, they have added “a significant element in the can, or a QR that opens up to new experiences and new contents”. In conclusion, Ginevra Cirri says that – for their project – they decided to include NFC technology within the pattern of three new cans in order to actively involve the audience that can interact with the product through the smartphone. Curious to find out more about these thesis projects? Watch the video!


A complicated and fascinating challenge has been tackled by IED Milano students in Digital Communication Strategy: working on a communication plan for a developing neighbourhood instead of a product or a service.  


video in Italian language


Grup Iglesias asked students in Brand Design and Management: food, wine and tourism to study the market and think of a business expansion plan in the food delivery field. Take a look at Bowl to be wild, a new brand that offers bowls of healthy and fresh food to meet the needs of millennials customers.


special week in florence: design for the city

The city of Florence worked alongside our students in Brand Design and Management: food, wine and tourism during the IED Firenze Special Week, assigning them an important brief: to buck the trend about Torist tax, changing the perspective about something perceived as unpleasant but fundamental for a city we all admire.
Many and tough were the challenges to deal with, as the analysis of current city investments on tourism and a continuous improvement strategy. Here is a brief insight, take a look!



Have you ever asked yourself what your pathway will be like? What challenges will you have to face? The students of the Master course in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano Design present their Final Project  in collaboration with Barilla, aimed at turning the product Pesto into an international food icon. The project has been focused on the rejuvenation of the brand identity and its communication, in order to reach a new target: with #stopexcuses students build a story aimed at millennials explaining them that also in their lives ther is room for quality food.


In the collective consciousness of Italians, Panini occupies a well-known position with its sticker albums with which everyone played in their childhood. The brand asked our students in Brand Management at IED Roma to thinkg about a strategic plan to enhance it visibility. The focus point was licensing: analysing the market and selecting companies to collaborate with. The work group consisting of Antonella De Sena, Chiara Folletto, Antonella Mignogna and Chiara Piccone chose to underline the value of heritage through direct marketing channels and the online communication



A Brand Manager has to increase a brand’s performances and convey its history and values, using the right levers and working on make the brand unique.

This is the reason why the Master programme in Brand Management at IED Roma has Saatchi&Saatchi, one of the global-leading advertising companies, as teaching partner. Their mission is to make people fall in love with their clients’ products and services and translate brands into Lovemarks by the motivating and inspiring power of ideas.



A professional of creativity always needs fresh motivation. Master’s students are well aware of that, in fact in May they spent a week in London, hosted by world-famous creative agencies, such as Publicis, Imagination, We Are Social and Unit9. And to load up on inspiration, in between one visiting and another, they also had the occasion to explore the city and its cultural and artistic heritage. Read the article (Italian language).

Thesis project in partnership with Friends&Partners

The students of the Master in Event Manager, divided into teams, realized their final projects in collaboration with Friends&Partners, one of the main Italian players in the music industry. The aim was to conceptualize an itinerant and summery music event for the television. In the video the IED students present their ideas. Elena Bruschi introduces “Talk Hit”, a dinner between a great artist and 7 guests that will be united by conviviality and a moment to sing together. Laura Gabrielli and her team worked on “Epico”, a music festival that brings together singers from different generations and challenges them to rearrange a classic Italian song. “Food four Music” instead, “is the first concert to taste, in 4 Italian squares” says Rebecca Bettinelli. The event will bring together national and international artists, a storyteller and 4 Michelin starred Chefs for a unique sensory experience. Lorenzo Ferroni and Simone Amato, finally, talk about “Canta Stories” a talk where an artist has to tell about himself through the character of a fairy tale. Find out more about these projects by watching the video!

redesigning the mall

La Maquinista is the biggest mall in Catalunya, owned by Grup Iglesias. The company was our students’ client for the Final Projects in Brand Design and Management: food, wine and tourism: the brand asked them to redesign the food court of the mall, keeping it international and food-corners-based in its structure.
Working in team groups, students observed how the visitors usually behave and presented their ideas to the president of the company. In the gallery below, the project El festival del mundo, which was considered by the degree board among the best ones. The team designed the new food corners, their look and products and developed a communication plan aimed at engaging visitors and highlighting the culture of the different countries represented in the food court.



On assignment of Sky Arte, IED Milano students of the Master course in Event Management had the chance to focus on the complex and eclectic figure of Leonardo da Vinci working on the launch of the film Inside Leonardo, aimed at involving and move the public while instilling the desire to discover a great artist and man of science. Imagining a temporary club, a travelling track and an exhibition of living pictures, student where able to surprise the SKY team. Watch the video! (Italian languge)




Ferrino is a piemontese brand for outdoor clothes and gear and asked our IED Torino students in Marketing and Communication to set a repositioning strategy for the brand. With the aim of knowing the products best and testing them on the field, the Coordinator of the course Alessandro Bertin brought the students for a two days at the Toesca lodge on the piemontese mountains: a precious occasion for team building and brain storming.

fatto con agricura

TerraMia is a cooperative that helps people make it through addiction issues thanks to farming. They asked our students in Marketing and Communication at IED Torino to design a strategic plan to make the brand reputation and appeal grow and boost sales through web marketing and e-commerce. Starting from the cooperative mission of fighting marginality through farming, the students created the fatto con Agricura campaign, which is based on the values of quality, well-done, care for the people.




Roberta La Porta, Mariano Barresi and Giandomenico Nicastri, students of the Master course in Creative Direction at IED Milano, went to London to collect the first prize of their professional career: the prestigious Pencil at the D&Ad Award Ceremony, won for the project Fun Has No Age in the category New Blood Awards. Who lives in the world of communication lives also for such important awards, because they represent not only the recognition for an excellent creative job, but also the encouragement to face new professional challenges. Read the article (Italian language).



Ricardo Ramos Lazcano, former student of the Master course in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano, is having a successful career working as Client Strategy Manager at Barrows Global in NYC. Find out how IED helped him to build his personal branding skills, turning inspiration into storytelling . Read the interview.


Thinking to the longest inflatable ever is possible, if you put at work the creative minds of the Master course students in Event Management. A project in collaboration with Esselunga, one of the biggest wholesale food and beverage companies in Italy, led to the designing of a special event allowing the brand to connect the brand to all the targets. The result? Students developed new and fresh ideas and also had the chance to present them to the company.




Decathlon, Redbull, Carrefour, Nestlé, Buitoni, Milanosport, Kraft, Italia 7 Gold, Comune di Milano, Comete, Lierac, Landor, CBA – Carmi e Ubertis, Eataly, Le Cantine di Greve in Chianti, Villa Ferraia, Habibi, Excellent Gusto, Federculture, Panini, alce Nero, Fuori di Taste, Folkitchen, La leggenda dei Frati, Wine Job, Soul to Soul.

VISITING – During previous editions of the Master’s course of Milan, the following visits were carried out: Google, Technogym, Campari, Adidas, Red Bull, Microsoft.


Joint Programme in Brand Design and Managent: Food, Wine and Turism

See the presentation of the Joint Programme taking place in Barcelona and Florence, two cities linked by a long history of tourism, wine and food culture. The massive presence of Tuscany and Catalunya in dedicated trade fairs and internationally renowned companies places them on the map as strategic regions for those who pursue a career in this specific sector.




project with CBC - Conservazione Beni Culturali

The students from the Master course in Brand Management in Rome have developed a strategic plan aimed at improving the brand’s online and offline communication, highlighting a dynamic and engaging mood.
The work has been directed towards graphic restyling, the creation of projects that enhance the company’s social responsibility, the creation of new social spaces and events that encourage network development.
Browse the presentation of the project in collaboration with CBC – Conservazione Beni Culturali.


from the master course to the job market

Career Service supports students in their contacts with the world of work through relationships with companies, agencies, freelancers, and a customised activity of tutoring. During their path, students can take advantage of a bespoke activity of support and monitoring. They also have the possibility to meet external companies and participate to selection interviews for activation of internships or collaborations once the study path is over.

Moreover every year IED organises the Career Days: targeted meetings with companies and agencies aimed at the selection and search of profiles to join their teams. Students have the chance to present their own works highlighting their motivation, creativity and aspirations.

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ied master courses

They enhance participants’ profiles thanks to a project-based approach, specialized and technical trainings combined with transversal knowledge and managerial skills. Check out the Master courses’ educational offer: Master in Italy.

Thesis project in partnership with an international bank group

The students of the Master in Digital Communication Strategy have developed a project on a real brief for a large international banking group, focusing on the Millenials target and their financial needs. The students thus conceived and developed innovative solutions that a traditional bank can adopt to approach young people effectively. The topics covered were those of sustainability, personalization and sharing. The IED students talk about the various design stages and how they worked together to achieve the final goal. Watch the video and find out more about the Thesis Projects of Digital Communication Strategy. 

IED for Tucano Urbano

The students of the Master course in Brand Management and Communication in Milan worked on their own Thesis Project for Tucano Urbano, Italian leading company in motorcycle clothes and accessories. Focus of the work was the analysis of the relationship between Millennials and urban mobility, identifying paths of new products and/or brand extensions.

final project with sergio tacchini

The Final Project of the students of the Master course in Brand and Communication at IED Milano, in collaboration with Sergio Tacchini, involved the creation of a complete brand and the launch of Sergio Tacchini womenswear with the aim of a global repositioning. Check the pictures from the students’ projects.


deliveroo & ied torino

The students from the Master course in Master in Marketing and Communication in Turin for their Thesis Project met and collaborated with Deliveroo, the premium food delivery service that brings the city’s best restaurants directly to customers’ homes.

On the occasion of the 2018 World Cup, Deliveroo wants to launch a dedicated campaign.

Students worked on designing a future campaign, in line with the brand’s goal of positioning themselves as an ideal choice for eating at home during sporting events.