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The Master courses promote a multidisciplinary approach and the exchange of knowledges, combining study and research with practical work and organising extracurricular activities.

Through this page we want to present you a preview of your future educational pathway during the Master courses in Graphic Design, in Italian at IED Milano, and in Graphic Design – Focus on New Media, in English at IED Firenze. Here we tell you the stories of the students that preceded you, their projects and experiences and the people they met.

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thesis project in collaboration with ATS Milano

The students of the Master in Graphic Design have developed an important project in collaboration with ATS Milano, an Health Protection Agency, focusing on social issues of the Gorla district. “Basta Correre” aims to promote physical, mental and social health through a series of installations scattered throughout the district. “A Due Passi” is an app that allows the users to organize and participate in events related to physical activity to develop a community. “Moveo” aims to promote the community by asking citizens to donate their steps to complete tasks for the neighborhood. “Andem”, finally, “proposes to citizens a series of challenges defined by a specific time frame that promote physical activity, movement, requalification and a sense of community”. The various teams, with their work, conceived unique and innovative ideas for Gorla district redevelopment. The experience was highly practical (the IED’s learning by doing philosophy). The students, in fact, applied to a real case the notions learned during the period of study and confronted themselves with the needs of a real client. Watch the video to find out more about the Thesis Projects of the Master in Graphic Design! 


IED Milano students in Graphic Design worked on their Final Project with Mediaset, the Italy and Spain leading TV broadcaster, focusing in particular on the redesign of the all news channel TGCOM24. They analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the channel’s visual communication on air, on the website, social media, app and live events and presented a rebranding project structured on 3 key-ideas: explicitness, consistency and connection.

let's play!

The Society of Typographic Arts in Chicago chose it as one of the 100 best graphic design pieces of the world. Aimed at introducing the Arabic language to early learners or foreigner speakers, Let’s play! is an unconventional bilingual learning system that allows the users to build their own learning experience. Each letter is explained through colored lego blocks reproducing its shape, sounds, words in function and an encyclopaedia of pantones.
The result is a fun pocket book including a dictionary of 400 words. By Ghada Wali, Alumna IED Firenze Master course in Graphic Design.

ghada wali - alumni

Ghada Wali, alumna of IED Firenze Master course and currently successful Designer, has been included in the Forbes’ list 30 Under 30 among the young talents in fashion, art, design, visual arts and food (read more here). You can also visit the gallery to find out more about Ghada’s projects and experience with IED.


talk, new and traditional technologies for the peggy guggenheim collection

TALK is a project by Danielle Abbon from IED Firenze and is about a more participated and emotional involvement of visitors of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Danielle studied Peggy’s history, personality and environment, she observed what visitors do within the exhibition and got an idea of the already exhisting interaction solutions.
After having defined 4 personas, she designed a visitor-centered application that goes alongside collectible art cards and represents the perfect match between new and traditional technologies supporting the museum experience. Take a look!


For their Final Projects, IED Milano students collaborated with Mediaset, Italian leading company in communication and media. They worked at the brand extension of LE IENE TV program, living an exciting experience.

Students had also the opportunity to visit Mediaset headquarter, getting in the studios and meeting the program’s author. Under the guidance of Mirko Pajè – Creative Director and IED Teacher – they created guidelines for the brand repositioning including motion graphics solutions – themes, titles, crawl, background – field promotion, digital communication, guerrilla marketing.


Some of the agencies and companies students worked with:

Emilio Pucci, Adacto, Salvatore Ferragamo, Altroconsumo, Archivio Store, Brancamenta, Casa Circondariale San Vittore, Chic Value Retail, Comune di Castelnuovo del Garda, Dmc, Durex, Fà la cosa giusta, Fratelli dell’uomo, Fondazione Petrini, Gold, Gruppo Tanini, Humana, Il Giorno, ING Direct, Kidstudio, Mediaset, M&C Saatchi, Monnalisa, Nana Bianca, PLS Design, Panorama, RovaiWeber design, Sowhat, Spazio360Firenze, Studio Kmzero, Studio63, Teatro La Pergola, Triwù, Value Retail, ZERO. the greatest glasses in design world, illustrated


From Rossana Orlandi to Le Corbusier, going through Steve Jobs and Karim Rashid: when glasses become a style statement. 
IED Firenze students, together with the Three-Year course in Advertising Communication, took part in a workshop for the creation of these leading figures: Rossana Orlandi, Iris Apfel, Giulio Iacchetti, Karim Rashid, Andrea Branzi, Lie Edelkoort, Gae Aulenti, Steve Jobs, Le Corbusier, Peggy Guggenheim. Read the article.


Starting from the design problem “the city of Cairo – the source of civilization in the history of the whole world, does not have a proper tourist map”, our Alumna Ghada Wali designed a solution that highlights the huge cultural heritage of the city and makes it accessible for nowadays visitors.
In this gallery you can have a glimpse into the design process she followed…don’t miss it and you’ll get inspired for your own projects!

project in collaboration with brancamenta

This project by IED Milano students comes from an intention of F.lli Brancamenta Distillery: to renovate a historical and cult product of Italian imaginery such as the tonic liquor Brancamenta. A redesign project which brings innovation to the product keeping the connection with the brand’s great values: creativity, bonding with art and beauty.

Students started their research phase with a visit a the brand’s Museum, having the opportunity to se many labels and posters created along 170 years. A very useful moment was when some company’s representatives intervened during the projects’ reviews and sharings.


For the 60th year of the newspaper IL GIORNO , IED Milano students worked in small teams on a re-design and re-styling project for the company. They enjoyed the opportunity of enhancing their personal skills and aptitudes.

An editorial project at first, that saw many following implications for the company brand identity, such as app creation projects and website updating. Check the gallery with some images from the project of one of the teams.

from the master course to the job market

Career Service supports students in their contacts with the world of work through relationships with companies, agencies, freelancers, and a customised activity of tutoring. During their path, students can take advantage of a bespoke activity of support and monitoring. They also have the possibility to meet external companies and participate to selection interviews for activation of internships or collaborations once the study path is over.

Moreover every year IED organises the Career Days: targeted meetings with companies and agencies aimed at the selection and search of profiles to join their teams. Students have the chance to present their own works highlighting their motivation, creativity and aspirations.

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ied master courses

They enhance participants’ profiles thanks to a project-based approach, specialized and technical trainings combined with transversal knowledge and managerial skills. Check out the Master courses’ educational offer: Master in Italy.

special lectures

Students met some special guests in their classes:

Andrea Braccaloni from Leftlo, Florian Boje from Gio’ Forma, Roger Botti from Robilant Associati, Marco Cendron – Creative Director at Mondadori/Rolling Stone Italy/GQ ItaliaAlfredo Carlo from Housatonic Design Network, Laura Cattaneo from Il Sole 24 oreGep Cucco from D-Wok, Francesco Franchi from La Repubblica,  Fabio Franchino from TODO, Fabio Iaculli from Monkey Talkie, Riccardo Luna – Innovation Editor at La RepubblicaBorja Martinèz from Lo Siento (Barcellona), David Moretti – Art Director WIRED MagazineSaul Saguatti from Basmati, Sibylle Schlaich from the berlinese studio MoniteursAndres Uebele from his studio in Stuttgart, Jacopo Trini Castelli from Clonwerk.

visiting at mediaset, the larger italian broadcaster

IED Milano students had the chance to visit the television studios and the creative direction of Mediaset, guided by Mirko Pajè, teacher at the course and Mediaset Creative Director.


For their Thesis Projects, IED Milano students worked on the development of a social media strategy and visual brand extension for the corporate communication of Altroconsumo, the largest independant and non-party political consumer organisation in Italy. Having the aim of re-designing the brand’s service for the Millenials’ target audience, they included in the project the application of the visual identity to the website, app, events and press.