Jewelry Designer

The Jewelry and Accessories Designer works in team and knows how to interpret social changes, transforming them into innovative products, for what concerns the collective imaginary, materials, and productive processes employed. This professional has a deep knowledge of fashion, arts, and market trends, is able to identify social dynamics and to understand the DNA of the companies he, or she, works for. This figure has a solid technical preparation and knows how to manage both traditional productive processes and the digital and industrial ones, with a great attention for innovative materials. Jewelry Designers gather the accuracy and ethic that characterise jewellery to the levity and temporary nature of fashion. A multidisciplinary preparation helps students to become professional figures that are interesting for different companies looking for innovation.



Beautiful things don’t have to be active, sometimes the beauty comes out quietly and unexpectedly. Ikebana is a flower arrangement technique with the highest aesthetic value that combines humanity and nature, being a perfect representation of silent beauty. This  jewellery collection – created by Fan Wu, Jewelry Design student at IED Milano – takes inspiration from Ikebana and is made of natural materials such as metals and stones.


Vodoo Design is the brand launched by Livia Lazzari, graduated student in Jewelry Design at IED Milano. During the Undergraduate course, Livia took part to several contests organised by IED and to special projects developed in collaboration with companies (Lorenz, YJF, Tokidoki/Gruppo Fornari, Zoppini). For her Final Project, she experimented LED applications to jewels, combining design with technology. The result is amazing: jewels able to interact with body temperature!

Currently, she lives and works amongst Rome, Paris, and London, using natural materials that often come from her travels.



One of the techniques used for jewels’ creation is modelling with wax, which is molten in metal and then refined. Together with the Jewellery Maker Gabi Veit, IED Milano students, during the first year, take part to a workshop to learn using this technique in traditional goldworking. It is carried out through 20 hours of laboratory sessions, in which participants start adopting an experimental approach using this technique.

chiara cesaraccio and collection of shoes, atlantis

A talented Alumna from IED Firenze presents her first collection of shoes: discovering ancient artisan traditions for the valorisation of a woman who expresses her identity also through the accessories she wear.



Read the interview of Sofia Magallanes de Candido, from Mexico, alumna of the Undergraduate course in Jewelry Design at IED Milano. After her studies she started a sparkling career in some of the most prestigious brands and her diamonds bracelet Reflection de Cartier ended up in the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

Trapped in a crowd

Although the city is large, there is a little room for everyone to breathe freely. The whole city is a big cage in which people are confined. This feeling gave the inspiration for the project Trapped in a crowd, developed by the Xiner Wang, Jewelry Design student at IED Milano. The materials used are concrete and chain as symbols oppression.
Contemporary jewellery is more and more getting rid of the excessive emphasis on design and shapes, and is gradually moving towards an emotional dimension. This project aims at raising people’s attention on the unfree condition of urban populations.


Design and produce a jewel requires dedication, research and the tools that allow to express creativity. Just like IED Milano Jewellery Lab that is equipped with 18 workstations and all the necessary instruments for jewels’ creation. Students can find specific tools and machines for the productionof prototypes, such as:

– 3D printer

– tumble finishing machine

– sandblaster

– presses

– drills

– computerised numerically controlled milling machine

– microflame welder

– electro-galvanic machine.



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The professional world requires a highly qualified and cross-disciplinary preparation. For this reason, IED suggests its students to keep themselves informed and updated through courses that are complementary to those they followed during their undergraduate pathway.

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The synaesthesia is a sensorial-perceptive phenomenon identifying a contamination of senses. This feature fits particularly well jewellery and fashion in general, because they concern objects that get in contact with the body, being touched and lived by the users. Flaminia Galgano’s collection, graduated student in Jewellery Design at IED Roma, creates a sensorial pathway aimed at stimulating emotions at different levels.


A breef summary of the backstage and the catwalks of IED Torino students in Fashion Design and Design e Design del Gioiello e Accessori, who presented their Final Projects.