Master courses in Arts: get an insight

The Master courses promote a multidisciplinary approach and the exchange of knowledges, combining study and research with practical work and organising extracurricular activities.

Through this page we want to present you a preview of your future educational pathway during the Master courses in Arts Management, in English IED Firenze and IED Roma, Curatorial Practice, in English, and Museum Design Experience, in Italian, at IED Firenze, and Visual Arts for the Digital Age, in Italian at IED Milano. Here we tell you the stories of the students that preceded you, their projects and experiences and the people they met.

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interview with daria filardo, coordinator of the master course in curatorial practice at ied firenze


What is the role of a curator in the contemporary visual and discoursive art landscape? What is the Master programme’s approach in responding to the job market demands and what are the pluses of studying in Florence?

Read the full interview for all the answers.


Davide Medici, student in the Museum Experience Design Master course at IED Firenze, tell us his experience.



Fluidity of Language is a pop-up exhibition showing the artworks produced by 4 emergent artists who are part of the project “Rothko in Lampedusa” organised by UNHCR – The UN Refugees  Agency. As protagonists of a one-month artistic residence in Venice, they met 4 students in Curatorial Practice and teamed up for the creation of the event, where they talk about life and death, real and magic, distruction and peace over the semantic line of water. View the article.



The F word is the contemporary art event that the students of the Master course in Arts Management organised as Final Project after the semester they spent in Rome, in collaboration with 369gradi, association for the promotion and distribution of the Italian culture. This project was aimed at exploring the concept of fear through the universal concept of art, interactive and hands-on performances, creating a journey inside the human soul.  Around this concept, a call for artists has been promoted, addressed to photographers, artists, theatre companies, directors, choreographers, painters, architects and performers. The artists that have been selected took part to the event, engaging the public with their installations and performances.

The project has been developed by an international team of students: Lilit Baghdasaryan (Armenia), Carolina Bianchi (Italy), Iryna Bondarenko (Ukraine), Wei Kuan, Cheong (Malesia), Elisa Fierro Garcia (Mexico), Shufeng Han (China), Billie Vera Krobath (Austria), Natalia Kudryavtseva (Russia), Dicle Öztek (Turkey), Joya Sfeir (Lebanon), Gizem Ulusoy (Turkey), Yi Wei (China), Ekaterina Zinchenko (Russia).


The students of the Master in Arts Management transformed Ponte Vecchio, an icon for the city of Florence, into a symbol connecting past and present, people, cities and different cultures, in order to stimulate reflections on the phenomenon of migration. On the surface of the building was projected a videomapping on the issue of boarders, meant as horizon and limit opening new visions and giving back what from the past is still to be discovered and enhanced. The project was supported by UNHCR and carried out in collaboration with IED Barcelona. It was part of F-light, the Florentine light festival organised by Mus.e.

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Lose Your Labels, Going Beyond Identity is a contemporary art event put on stage by Arts Management students at IED Firenze. The artists used the space for the  realisation of interactive performances, during which the public has been actively involved in the research of the concepts of label and identification. The performances included storytelling, dance, photography, music and videos.

Our Way Home

Our Way Home is a multidisciplinary art event organised as a part of the Master course in Arts Management, in collaboration with 369gradi. Contemporary artists were invited to present their works based on their experiences of home. Our Way Home took place at Carrozzerie n.o.t, an emerging performative space in Rome that is currently used for theatre, dance, performances and artistic workshops.

The event has been organised by a group of young professionals from 11 different countries – Austria, China, India, Germany, Spain, Macau, Mexico, United Kingdom, USA, South Korea, Taiwan – who left home and worked together to create an event conceived to help define the journey towards a new sense of home.

Arts Managment Students talk about their experience

Joya Sfeir (Lebanon), Elisa Fierro Garcia (Mexico) and Lilit Baghdasaryan (Armenia), talk about their experience during the Master course in Arts Management, a 11-month full-immersion interdisciplinary course featured by a unique itinerant formula. The study plan focuses on the jobs of the future and takes place in two different prestigious locations, such as Florence and Rome. It  also includes a week in Venice, together with IED Venezia Master’s students and in collaboration with Peggy Guggenheim Collection, in order to provide a grand tour of Contemporary Art.


Dealing with contemporary art today requires as many skills as there are contexts and existing artistic languages. Important are a solid cultural background and managerial and communication skills, as well as the ability to build effective networks.

We interviewed four professors of the Master in Curatorial Practice, professional Curators with important national and international experiences. Click on the name and find out more about their professional career and the world of curatorship.

➠ Irene Campolmi – Curator and Researcher
➠ Yoeri Meessen – Head of Education & interpretation at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
➠ Raimundas Malasauskas – Curator and Writer
➠ Valentino Catricalà – Scholar and Contemporary Art Curator


Find out more about Ticino Art Today, the event dedicated to the contemporary art system in Switzerland.


For the students of the Master in Visual Arts for the Digital Age the Thesis Project represents the synthesis of the course of study and the conclusion of the period of internship. The projects ranged from multimedia installations intended for the world of contemporary art to video-mapping, with thematic choices that vary from the body to memory, from the environment to the manipulative power of the media. For example, Federico Russo has created “Misplaced Reality” an installation that aims to focus on the theme of war and disinformation. The IED student realized three different types of artificial intelligence that from a text generate an image, and from the image they write another text creating “a chain that leads to the distortion of the final image and video and shows the difference between the beginning and the end of the information chain”. Sofia Tassi’s work, instead, deals with the theme of self-acceptance and is divided into two parts. One composed of videos and the other characterized by images. Andrea Zini’s “Scratched Mind”, for last, explores the Alzheimer’s syndrome with video installations that reproduce “ruined” memories and destined to disappear. These thesis works are extremely personal and daring. Find out more about the artists and their projects in the video!


Visits are a cornerstone of the Master course in Museum Experience Design. Students have the opportunity to experience the spaces first-hand and to apply theory to practice by designing paths and programs for audience engagement and audience development.


In this video, the students of the Master course in Museum Experience Design visit the Stibbert Museum to study the disposition of the collections.


In occasion of the XVI Biennale of Architecture, IED Venezia hosted in its prestigious venue of Palazzo Franchetti CASA IED: Grand Canal edition, a new interpretation of the design showcase that has been presented by IED Network at Milan Design Week 2018. The exhibition has been curated by the students of the Master course in Curatorial PracticeNilo Amlashi, Zahra Bundakji, Fernanda Costa de Andrade, Yasmine Helou, Virginia Lupo, Sanjana J. Pillai, Lucia Trevisan, coming from Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Lebanon, India and Italy.



With their concept they expressed a multifaceted interpretation of home as a result of a confluence of different perspectives on what makes a place familiar, as a sort of “state of being”. According to their interpretation, the idea of home represents not a strictly-physical space, but it can be recalled by the cosiness of a living room, as well as the privacy of any makeshift shelters, or through the silent pages of a book found in a crowded reading room. A smell, a sound, an object, a feeling – all senses come into play to lend a soul to a place.



Are we the only makers of our opinions and judgments? How does the surrounding environment influence our ideas? Is it possible to keep a neutral position?
These are the questions that inspired Doxa – Sounds from Society, the first exhibition curated by Nian-Shan Chan, Thomas Marsan, Silvia Meschino and Giulia Morichi Python, a multicultural group of students of the Master course in Curatorial Practice. The exhibition is a thought on common sense and on how does everyone is strengthening or weakening it. It gathers the works of five international artists who investigate, respect and mock the authority of the status quo. The artists involved: Chiara Enzo, Giulia Gentilcore, Yiming He, Matilde Sambo, Isaias Contreras Rojas. 


Biennale di Venezia  (Art and Architecture)
Espace Luis Vuitton Cultural
MAXXI Foundation
Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana
Pegghy Guggenheim Collection
Prada Foundation

Visit: IED at Celeste Prize

Collaboration with Fatos Uztek, chief of the Jury of Celeste Prize 2017, for the set-up of the selected artworks. The students in Curatorial Practice spent one week in Prague to assist Ms. Ustek, Lecturer of the Master and Curator of London Art Night 2017, in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and Unlimited Productions.

Ied Arts + Wunderkammern


The partnership between IED and Wunderkammern keeps generating news: IED students will take part to the gallery’s internal and collateral activities through photo labs and internships aimed at dealing with the different professions within the contemporary art world.
Check an Artribune article for further information (Italian).

Solo Exhibition

The students in Curatorial Practice, supported Caroline Corbetta, Curator and Lecturer in the Master course, for the set-up of the exhibition “Solo” of the venetian artist Thomas Braida. The event took place at Palazzo Nani Bernardo, during the Biennale Arte 2017.

Collaboration with Museimprese

Two days of visits and meetings with representatives of the companies that are member of Museimprese association. IED students in Curatorial Practice had the chance to listen to Lecturers coming from Galleria Campari, Kartellmuseo, Museo Ducati, Museo della Calzatura and Archivio Rubelli. They talked with curators and managers about the importance of preserving the stories of their companies through the opening of dedicated museums and archives.


from the master course to the job market

Career Service supports students in their contacts with the world of work through relationships with companies, agencies, freelancers, and a customised activity of tutoring. During their path, students can take advantage of a bespoke activity of support and monitoring. They also have the possibility to meet external companies and participate to selection interviews for activation of internships or collaborations once the study path is over.

Moreover every year IED organises the Career Days: targeted meetings with companies and agencies aimed at the selection and search of profiles to join their teams. Students have the chance to present their own works highlighting their motivation, creativity and aspirations.

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Curatorial Practice

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Arts Management

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ied master courses

They enhance participants’ profiles thanks to a project-based approach, specialized and technical trainings combined with transversal knowledge and managerial skills. Check out the Master courses’ educational offer: Master in Italy.

Collaboration: Maxxi Foundation

During their stay in Rome, Arts Management students spent an entire day at Maxxi museum, designed by the Archistar Zaha Hadid, the discussing with department managers, and interviewing the hosts, casual visitors and people in the neighbourhood. The workshop was aimed at the analysis of the services, sensorial appeal, environmental context, and communication in order to point out people’s perception towards the museum and to find out the aspects that influence its fruition. In conclusion, students presented an essay to underline the challenges that the museum has to overcome in terms of access, perception, communication, services and profit, and some low budget solutions to implement services and fill the gaps that have been identified.

Institution for Traditional Artcraft in China

Project developed by IED Venezia Business for Arts and Culture students, who created a non-profit organisation able to manage the entire process of renovation, development and promotion of traditional Chinese manufactures made of Jun Porcelain.

not an artist


NOT AN ARTIST is an international event completely dedicated to art. It involves professionals who work in the same fields that are the focus of IED Master programmes in art. They share with the audience their own experiences in the job scene presenting practical examples, in order to provide students with an overview of their future career opportunities.

ied at artissima

Domenico Quaranta, Coordinator of the Master course in Visual Arts for the Digital Age at IED Milano takes part at the symposium Museums at the “Post-Digital” Turn, dealing with the transformation of contemporary art museums, in order to discuss on how media art exposition strategies changed in these first years of the XXI century. The event is organised by AMACI, the Italian Association of Contemporary Art Museums, and it opens Artissima, in Turin.

The Master course in Visual Arts for the Digital Age is a training programme based on research, experience and projects. It opens professional opportunities in context ranging from artistic to curatorial practice, from visual design to communication in its different aspects. It trains professionals specialised in the use of multimedia languages, teaching them how to realise projects focused on digital art, public art, performative art, or interactive installations.