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IED Master courses promote a multidisciplinary approach and the exchange of knowledges, combining study and research with practical work and organising extracurricular activities.

Through this page we want to present you a preview of your future educational pathway during the Master courses in Fashion Communication & StylingFashion Design and Fashion Marketing – From Strategy to Brandingin English at IED MilanoJewelry Designin English at IED Roma, Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda, in Italian at IED Roma, and Fashion Business – From Made in Italy to Global Market Management, in English at IED Firenze. Here we tell you the stories of the students that preceded you, their projects and experiences and the people they met.

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ied master courses in fashion

IED for N°21 - in collaboration with Alessandro Dell'Acqua

The students of the Master course in Fashion Design at IED Milano had the chance to develop their Final Project in collaboration with the brand N°21, designed and directed by Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Showing great ability, they gave birth to collections that combine creativity and personality and feature a contemporary approach.

The company asked them to develop a menswear or womenswear collection outlining two aspects: a style reflecting students’ personal sensibility and aesthetics in relation to shapes and volumes, and a creative process that clearly reflects the themes the collection took inspiration from. Browse the gallery to discover the projects!


ied firenze special week

Take a look at this project developed during the Special Week: many multidisciplinary teams, including students of the Master course in Fashion Business, worked alongside local and international companies to come up with innovative ideas. Il Bisonte is a historical leather brand in Florence and our students designed 3 different user experiences, online and off line, according to the company’s values and identity.


watch design at ied roma

The programme of the Master course in Jewelry Design includes a workshop that allows students to achieve a high level of design expertise in Watch Design, looking closely at the mechanical features of the single components, at their movement and at the different types of products.

Tha Anya Skeleton watch designed by Ines Maldonado and displayed in the gallery was created for BERNINI brand at the end of the workshop. Inspired by the Swiss concept of precision and elegance in function, Ines designed the mechanism’s details in yellow gold, white gold, crystal, carbon fiber, silk and rose gold.



Have you ever asked yourself what your pathway will be like? The students of the Master course in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Communication and Styling and Fashion Design at IED Milano present their Final Projects and the challenges they had to face.

ied firenze for ape piaggio

The famous Italian motorcycle company provided brand materials and moodboards. After a careful analysis, the students designed a new product and packaging concept for one of the following categories of goods: infantswear / kidswear, bags and accessories, stationery, gift and houseware.
Visit the gallery to see a selection of the projects.

Giorgio von Moos: the artisan of precious stones


Conversation with the Swiss high jewelry manufacturer, reference point for Bulgari.

He is within the faculty of IED Roma Master course in Jewelry Design, where he teaches how to cut stones and use them creatively. He defines his own idea about the whole process of jewelry making as “handcrafted”, and this is what he wants his students to learn.

“I learnt through experiencing, experimenting, verifying. Passion is not enough, one needs ability and mostly determination”, he says from his atelier’s desk in via Monserrato 34, within an XVIII century building in the heart of Rome.

Read the full article here.


fashion films from the students' final projects

Watch the video about our students’ Final Projects: short fashion films expressing their idea of what fashion should be. With the support of Sara Sozzani Maino, Vogue Italia Deputy Director, Vogue Talents Head and Coordinator of the Master course in Fashion Communication and Syling.


A photography technique used in publishing and advertising for visually represent and promote fashion items. Starting from the topic “making art with fashion“, each student of IED Milano Master course in Fashion Communication and Styling has selected one or more fashion objects and used it in different storytellings. Check the pictures from the classes.


Bespoke is a very contemporary topic in the fashion and handcraft. It is also an exam within the IED Milano course in Fashion Design, a real workshop that students face under the guidance of an expert of tailoring techniques. During the last edition of the course, they created tailored jackets including a personal creative touch. Take a look at the pictures from the day of projects examination.


project with adidas

34 young Master’s students coming from all over the world, now in Milan to specialise in the fields of fashion and design, worked hand in hand for almost 2 months producing different project visions on new entertainment and edutainment solutions focusing on sports values, which were shown in plenary to the Adidas team.
Students in Interior Design focused on redesigning the creative experience within the store while students in Fashion Marketing identified future lifestyles of Adidas users/creators.
See the article.


moncler project

“Warmly Moncler” for UNICEF is a commitment to support those childern that live in the coldest places in the world. With this project, Moncler and Unicef give blankets and essential goods to infants, kids and their families and foster the access to education. To attract interest of the public and stakeholders on the topic, the brand organised an event within the Moncler Enfant boutique in Milan: the communication and markerting plan was designed by our students in Fashion Marketing, who analysed the brand’s strategy, position and creativity and delivered a professional-level project.
Read the full article.


The launch of a product requires an omnichannel strategy and a communication plan that would address the right target with the most appropriate language. Students in Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda at IED Roma developed such a project for Twin Set Milano and its bag Cècile Deux.
Check the gallery to see some project details.


Fabio Di Nicola, Fashion Designer and Coordinator of the Master in Fashion Design at IED Milano explain the soul of a portfolio for a designer in the Fashion area: “a portfolio is an identity card for their creativity, emotions and projects and it is essential to access the final product”. Furthermore, the portfolio, affirms the teacher “shouldn’t be an exercise in beautiful writing but an actual project. Emotions are central”. Find out more watching the video.


Students of the IED Roma Master course in Comunicazione e Marketing per la Moda visited I Casali del Pino ranch, headquarter of the brand founded by Ilaria Venturini Fendi, Carmina Campus.

Carmina Campus uses industrial materials that would commonly be discarded to create something new by handcraft and the concept of saving waste from waste.



Have you ever asked yourself what your pathway will be like? The students of the Master course in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Communication and Styling and Fashion Design at IED Milano present their Final Projects and the challenges they had to face.


Discover more about the works carried out by the students.



Watch the presentation video of the Master course in Jewelry Design at IED Roma. Inspired by the Italian design features, it empower students to identify their personal vision of jewelry, and to translate that vision into a marketable business prospect.
No creative business strategy is complete without a professional network. Studying at the heart of the fashion industry is the perfect way to develop one. Partners of the Master course include Bulgari, Casato Gioielli, and Galleria Antonella Villanova.


Here are some of the companies and institutions students worked with:

Milan –  Alcantara, Alessandro Ruffino, Andrea Pompilio, Avirex, Bikkembergs, Boglioli, Breil, Brums, Buyvip, Emiliano Laszlo, Jeckerson, Lanieri, Lucio Vanotti, McArthur Glen, Praio, Radà, Save the Duck.

Rome – Bm Consulting, Bulgari, David Naman, Egon von Furstenberg, Fondazione Roberto Capucci, Gattinoni, Giulia Barela, Meltin’ Pot, Multipartner, Only4few, Twin-Set Simona Barbieri.

Florence – Adidas, Braccialini, Conbipel, D.A.T.E., Harmont&Blaine,, Monnalisa, Patrizia Pepe, Peuterey, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stone Island, Tod’s, Vogue.


A dragonfly is the logo of Casato, a brand with over 10 years of history in representing feminine beauty and elegance. And Michele Bianconcini, IED Roma students from the Master course in Jewelry Design, really got a bull’s eye with his collection Damigella, designed after the brief’s launching by the company. It took half a year and many reviews by Casato’s representatives, but the design process with all its steps came to a beautiful and ready-to-market collection perfectly matching the Maison’s values. Take a look at the gallery to have an overview of the design phases.




the work behind a final project

The experience of showing a Final Project about the Innovation topic to a commission consisting in professionals coming from different fields: watch the video! Students are from the IED Milano Master course in Fashion Marketing.

from the master course to the job market

Career Service supports students in their contacts with the world of work through relationships with companies, agencies, freelancers, and a customised activity of tutoring. During their path, students can take advantage of a bespoke activity of support and monitoring. They also have the possibility to meet external companies and participate to selection interviews for activation of internships or collaborations once the study path is over.

Moreover every year IED organises the Career Days: targeted meetings with companies and agencies aimed at the selection and search of profiles to join their teams. Students have the chance to present their own works highlighting their motivation, creativity and aspirations.

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ied master courses

They enhance participants’ profiles thanks to a project-based approach, specialized and technical trainings combined with transversal knowledge and managerial skills. Check out the Master courses’ educational offer: Master in Italy.


Each student of the IED Roma Master course in Jewelry Design is called to design a high jewelry collection focusing on precious stones and new technologies. This is the project designed by Rayzza Lopez, who took inspiration from the work of Piero Dorazio, an Italian contemporary painter among the main members of the Italian abstract art.


Scenes from the Final presentation’s day, pictures of the students’ projects, their testimonies and that of the teachers: watch the video that tells the story of the work behind a Final Project in Fashion Communication and Styling.

the work behind a final project

The mission for the IED Milano Thesis in Fashion Design was to express the students’ perspective, after a detailed analysis of contemporary fashion brands. Take a look at the collections and the testimonies in this video.


brand heritage lesson by bulgari

A special partnership, the occasion for IED Roma students of the Master course in Jewelry Design to learn from the greatests: the Brand Heritage department of the iconic jewelry maison Bulgari held a lesson about the brand’s tradition and about how the brand heritage can inspire designs of the future.

a bespoke project with water soluble fabric

The concept behind the collection that Eunjoo Lee from IED Milano Master course in Fashion Design created at the end of the workshop Bespoke was: also miners and mechanics can be fashionable by mixing the right materials with high quality bespoke techniques.
Bespoke is one the workshops that students have to face during their course: it is something a designer creates from scratches specifically for one person. Eunjoo wanted to avoid any synthetic material using a new water soluble fabric for both men and women in their 20s and 30s who love streetwear and that unicity that only handmade clothes have.


Academic lectures and a brand development project for Bikkembergs: this is what our IED Milano students in Fashion Marketing did as final test for the Brand Management module, taught by the company’s Brand Manager.


The Master course in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milano has opened the doors to a sparkling future for many students, and so it was for Giulia Smith. After graduation, she worked for the luxury fashion brands Bottega Veneta and Vivienne Westwood as Head of Communication. She collaborated with MissoniM1992AF VandevorstGiorgio Armani beauty and many more.

More recently, she decided to embrace the freelance career, dealing with fashion projects at 360 degrees and with everything that involves a communication project and the creation of an event. In particular, she is now working as Casting Director for several fashion shows, advertising campaigns, lookbooks and editorial shootings.

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