Neithan Herbert Ruiz

Ñuka Shunku (“My heart” in Quechua) takes the inspiration from the curiosity to search in- side of Neithan’s indigenous roots, as he was born in Ecuador and raised in Mexico. It is a tribute to his mother and a celebration to the diversity inside Latin America. He focused a lot on the deconstruction of the traditional silhouettes to then mix them with craft techniques. The spiritual animals also played a big role into the collection, he found the perfect link between two important meanings inside the pre-hispanic cultures, the “tona” (the tradition believed by various

Middle American Indians to be capable of transforming themselves into animal forms.) and “nahual” (a personal guardian spirit or protective alter ego assumed by various Middle American Indians to live in an animal or less frequently in some other embodiment).


The author

Neithan Herbert Ruiz
Undergraduate in Fashion Design
IED Milano – 2020

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