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Summer and Winter Courses - Rome

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If you have a passion for fashion photography and you wish to build up your portfolio, or if you are looking for a creative experience, this programme provides you with the technical and methodological skills to set up a fashion photo shoot in an outdoor location, in Rome, with a stunning backdrop, where thousands of years of history blend with the contemporary city. 

Our teachers will guide you through the whole process, from the initial concept to the moodboard, as well as the studio shooting, the choice of the external location, the organisation of the creative team and the management of the models, so that you can put together all the elements of the story you wish to tell. 

  • Start date
    July 2022
  • Duration
    120 ore
  • Attendance
  • Language

Target: The programme is open to high school graduates, university students or professionals from other fields, who wish to have a practical and intensive experience in the world of fashion and image.
Applicants must have the high school diploma, an upper-intermediate knowledge of English (corresponding to B2 level ), basic knowledge of photographic techniques (exposure, lenses, framing) and photo editing skills with Photoshop.

Methodology and structure: Under the guidance of our teaching staff, made up of well-known professionals, such as stylists, photographers and make-up artists, and through both practical and theoretical lessons, you will become familiar with the international fashion industry and the equipment to be used, as well as with fashions and styles over the centuries. 
In addition, you will learn how to manage a creative team, to choose the location, to select the subjects, direct the shoot, and so on.

During the first part, through an historical excursus into fashion photography and through a set of shoots in a studio, you will acquire the necessary cultural knowledge and technical skills

In the second part, you will deal with the development of the project, through the creation of a moodboard and the choice of the location and of the clothes and accessories, so as to bring the static photo shoot to life.

The programme continues with the outdoor shoot, and lastly, with the selection of the photos, editing and the post-production operations.

  • Study plan

    • The Fashion System and its Aesthetics

      Brief examination of the history of fashion photography, with a particular focus on the role of outdoor editorial photography. Afterwards you will take a look at the complex system of relations between fashion photography and advertising and between mainstream and independent magazines, before examining the scope of action of the photographer and how it engages with the magazines he works for, publishers’ requests and promotional requirements.

    • Photographic Techniques for Fashion

      Over the last twenty years, the lighting and equipment available for fashion photography have evolved significantly. During this module, you will use both photographic and cinema lighting equipment and non-conventional instruments, managed with an in-depth knowledge of photographic technique that is always a means to an end and used to complement fashion and its aesthetics.

    • Elements of Beauty and Styling

      Styling and make-up will be dealt with in their many different aspects and aesthetic, cultural and professional implications, with references to aesthetics as the illustration of a time in history and an ethical ideal.
      From a professional point of view, the module examines the role of styling and make-up in its various applications, in an editorial feature, a catalogue or a look book, and the elements that come together to create a fashion image are harmonised, by interacting with the photographer and with the location and the set.

    • Studio

      Studio encounters are dedicated to the presentation of case histories and to devising, planning and scheduling shoots.

    • Art Direction

      Fundamental component in the conception of a photo, that analyses the different visual options and channels the creative process, depending on whether
      the work is for an editorial feature or to highlight a brand or product, and of adopts an approach to the whole work that gives it a distinctive character from the point of view of inspiration and style, with the aim of strengthening a message through images.

    • Organisation and Production of the Fashion Service

      This module deals with the questions related to a photo shoot organised outdoors: from the choice of the location to the casting, as well as logistics and the choice of the most competent team members. Finally, you will acquire the soft skills necessary to deal with and rapidly resolve the unexpected events that are a characteristic of this profession and which emerge in conditions that cannot be put off or repeated.

    • Moodboard

      The moodboard is an essential tool to devise a shooting project – just like any other creative project - and present it to a client. In this module, the moodboard is broken down into its many different aspects, elements of inspiration, visual trends and cultural references. Brand personality brainstorming sessions and workshops will be held to look into how this tool can be used through image search and keyword selection to define brand personality and its visual and conceptual territory.

    • Post-production

      This module has a technical and artistic support function that it applies to the post-production phase of the material produced, and it helps you come up with solutions to obtain the result imagined at the planning stage, especially in terms of toning.

    • Review, Editing, Portfolio

      This last module guides you through the fundamental process of analysing the material produced and selecting the best works, and using digital editing depending on the objective to be achieved. The result is a portfolio organised with a clear visual storytelling and communication approach that fully testifies to the experience and the skills acquired for further professional development.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Angelo Cricchi - Course Coordinator

Angelo Cricchi - Course Coordinator
As Fashion Photographer he worked with prestigious international magazines, producing editorial features and portraits of celebrities. In 1997 he founded his own production house, Lost and Found, creating advertising campaigns for international clients such as Kenzo, Miss Sixty and Gucci. Since 2001, he has been directing short films, art videos and fashion films and in 2009, he focused his attention on “fine art photography”. His works have been displayed in museums and private institutions in Italy, the Netherlands, France and Austria. In 2017, he founded and has since been the editor of the international magazine FLEWID.

Patrizia Boglione

Patrizia Boglione
After 25 years with McCann-Erickson as an Art Director and Creative Director, in 2012 she became Strategic Creative Director for Angelini Design, digital and design agency, where she began her career as a cultural intelligence specialist, conducting research into consumption trends at international level. As a Brand Strategy Consultant, she helps companies to redefine their identity and positioning. Since May 2019, she has been Creative Director of Translated, one of the most innovative international digital companies in the translation and artificial intelligence industry. 

Claudio Palmisano

Claudio Palmisano
He has worked with extraordinary photo reporters such as Yuri Kozyrev, James Nachtwey, Francesco Zizola, Marcus Bleasdale, Lynsey Addario, Adam Ferguson, Alessandro Cosmelli, Anastasia Taylor- Lind, and many others. His reportages have been published in magazines such as TIME, New York Times, National Geographic, and L'Espresso.  He is the joint founder of 10bphotography, and holds conferences and seminars all over the world. He wrote the book "RAW e postproduzione" for the National Geographic collection "Master di Fotografia". 

Simone Passeri

Simone Passeri
A professional Photographer since 1997, with a profound knowledge of light and sensitive materials, he works regularly with Angelo Cricchi’s Lost and Found Studio and with a large number of professionals from the world of fashion photography and the cinema, such as Paolo Roversi, Ellen Von Unwerth, Mario Orfini and Claudio Bellero. In 2003 he founded the Primopiano studio and has continued to work in the fashion photography and fashion video sector.

Francesca Petrangeli

Francesca Petrangeli
She obtained a Degree in Humanities in 2004, and afterwards she accompanied her university studies with the study of photography. Also she attended a Master in Styling for the Media at IED, and subsequently obtained a Diploma in Make-up Artistry in London, where she had the opportunity to acquire a wide range of experience on sets and videos.  She is currently a Freelance Make-up Artist and works with several magazines, as well as with the RAI and Sky TV channels.