Start date

September 2023


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS


from €15,100

This programme, taught in English, aims to shape to Visual Communication Specialists capable of conceptualising, structuring and developing effective communication.

Throughout the educational pathway of this Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, pathway in Motion Graphics and Video, the discipline of visual communication, in both static and motion formats, is addressed, oriented towards the development of animations, video and virtual environments, as well as branding, corporate identity, editorial design, packaging and signage, among others.

Further, a commitment to the project culture as well as collaborations with brands and companies in the sector are prioritised throughout the entire learning process.

There are 60 places available for first-year students majoring in Graphic Design. Of these places, there is no specific number assigned by pathway or language.

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The first year of this degree is focused on acquiring basic concepts of design, culture and project methods. Students learn to dare to create and communicate.

As from the second year, the necessary technological and project managing tools are explored, to communicate simple and effective visual messages through the development of the own creativity and interdisciplinary methodological processes. Students concentrate on acquiring knowledge on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Apple Final Cut, etc. Also, there is an emphasis on knowledge of human anatomy, the differences in narrative language depending on the animation techniques, and how to give character to a cartoon.

In the third year students begin to contact with companies and also to develop more technical and complex projects, with prototypes and real costs implied, in addition to designs for corporate identity, packaging, signage, posters, etc. Students comprehend the relevance of narrative in an audio-visual piece, and develop a 2D animation short film using sophisticated software for production and postproduction.

During the fourth year students take a compulsory internship in a company and each one chooses a professional profile. They conceive and make a short film emphasising narration, and broaden their knowledge on advanced software to improve postproduction for both video and sound. In the end, the degree final project is developed in collaboration with real companies.

The methodology is based on “learning by doing” and fosters interdisciplinarity between the areas of design, fashion, and management for creative industries through workshops and common projects. and yearly projects, as well as the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary manner on the thesis project.

The program provides a structured core curriculum, providing incremental learning goals to the students throughout the four years, leading to the thesis or degree final project for real companies.

Professional Opportunities


– Graphic designer

– Visual communicator

– Art director

– Typographer

– Branding specialist, corporate image, editorial, packaging, signage, posters, computer graphics, web pages, motion graphics

– Producer of storyboards, scripts, short films, documentaries, video art, sound

– Photography and digital video director

– Etc.


Vasava, Bassat Ogilvy, Shackleton Barcelona, H Magazine, Hangar Design Group, Metropolitan Magazine, Martin-Tissera-Lambert, Outline Studio,, Peragon, Common Sense, relajaelcoco, Hoet&Hoet, Umbria Jazz, Steer Davies Gleave, Stop Stealing My Look, Sarai Jacobs, Inoxcrom, Phranck, Little Buddha, etc.


First semester

Foundation Project I 
Representation Techniques I 
Project Communication I 
Introduction to Marketing 
Science Applied to Design 
Colour and Form

Second semester

Foundation Project II
Representation Techniques II
Project Communication II
Technical Drawing I 


History of Arts and Design

First semester

Informatics Graphic Design I 
Animation Techniques in Graphic Design
Graphic Design Workshop I 
History of Graphic Design 
Graphic Techniques in Graphic Design 
Photography in Graphic Design 
Typography I

Second semester

Audiovisual Graphic Design 
Digital Communication I
Screenplay & Storyboard 
Video Production 
Post Production 
Interdisciplinary Project

First semester

Graphic Design Strategy and Management 
Workshop II
Corporate Identity Project 
Post-production II
Project Communication III
Short Film Workshop

Second semester

Sound I 
Project I
Editorial Project and Interactive Communication 
Contemporary Communication 
Packaging Project
Multidisciplinary Workshop

First semester

Post-production III
Workshop III
Post-production IV
Project II
Sound II
Professional Internship 
Multidisciplinary Workshop II

Second semester

Final Project

Curricular Internship

The curricular internship is a subject of the Undergraduate Degrees that has the objective of possessing in practice and complementing the knowledge acquired in their academic formation. You can find here information related to the curricular internship for Undergraduate Degree.

Graphic Internship Guide


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