Asesoría de Imagen and Personal Shopper | © Estudiante: Marta Lopez



Start date

July 2023




On campus


3 Weeks

Choosing the right outfit for an occasion can be a real issue for anyone who does not have enough time or perhaps taste to do so.

Ever since the figure of the personal advisor and shopper took shape in the eighties, the world of fashion is alive with professionals who lend advice on anything, from choosing a bunch of flowers to deciding on an outfit for an interview or a wedding. These professionals no longer lend their services exclusively to celebrities and personalities with high purchasing power – they are now available to any average citizen who needs their counsel.

The Summer Course in Image Consultant and Personal Shopper provides the theoretical and practical foundations for students to become specialized personal stylists and shoppers. It takes an in-depth look into fundamental aspects of the job, analysing the world of fashion and beauty and detecting trends to adapt them to the customer’s needs.

Information to decide


The aim of the Course in Personal Assistance and Personal Shopping is to place theoretical and practical knowledge at the students’ disposal, enabling them to become skilled professionals in the personal assistance world. 

The course explores the most essential aspects of a Personal Assistant and Personal Shopper’s work: analysing changes in the fields of fashion and beauty; identifying trends in order to adapt them to the client’s wants and needs; and guiding them to make the right shopping decisions.


With the aim of making the course more dynamic and of reinforcing the content learnt in class, practical work is also carried out right from day one in every single subject, with exercises based on real and close cases.

To complete the course, students are required to present a personal assistance project based on a real case of personal guidance, where they will need to apply all of their knowledge, skills and competence acquired during the course.

The course is intended for professionals and students in the fashion world looking to specialise in personal assistance and personal shopping, as well as stylists, designers, advertising agencies, producers, fashion professionals, public relations, fashion, accessories and beauty stores, and window dressers.

Professional Opportunities

Graduates will be qualified to work as personal shoppers in boutiques, department stores, chain stores, hotels and tourism, associations, official bodies, human resources departments, press agencies, event organising firms, and modelling agencies. Alternatively, they may also choose to work as freelance personal shoppers or associate with a fashion website.

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