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November 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Marco Crisci

Create your own business vision and learn how to run a successful business in the fashion industry, with a clear focus on key market trends. Here's what awaits you in the Fashion Business Master’s Course at IED Firenze

From Made in Italy to Global Market Management. The Master’s Course in Fashion Business at IED Firenze seeks to train up professionals who are currently high in demand in the fashion industry, with a combination of skills that will surely prove invaluable for companies and market players looking to make a difference.

The Master’s Course covers several areas and provides an in-depth understanding of the overall industry, combined with advanced knowledge of brand strategy processes, marketing and communication skills, business development know-how and a strong business acumen, driven by a product-thinking mindset.

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Come and learn about the far-reaching and ever-changing needs of the fashion system, as you become more aware and confident to develop your own projects

The Master’s Course in Fashion Business at IED Firenze provides theory and practical knowledge combined with strategic tools, thus preparing you to successfully move into the fashion industry market. You will also learn how to develop a brand and communication strategy and work independently on your own projects. 

The Master’s Course follows a ‘learning by doing’ approach: you will work on some real-life, challenging projects as you explore and experience all the new business opportunities available on the market. You will also learn how to develop creative solutions through tutorials, face-to-face lectures, additional courses, business visits and lab-based work. But most importantly, you will have the opportunity to develop a brief, submitted by a partner company or international corporation, as part of your final dissertation project.

You will gradually be mastering cross-disciplinary skills, covering everything from Fashion Culture knowledge, Fashion Marketing and Management, all the way to strategy development through Fashion Business or Product Management. Your focus will be on sustainability and Fashion Communication Strategies/Modes as a way to create a connection between the market and your target group.

The Master’s Course in Fashion Business at IED Firenze is for students with undergraduate degrees in Communication, Economics, Fashion Design or Fashion Styling, as well as for all those who seek solid training in the fashion management system.

This programme is also for those who want to take a leading role in shaping a new, dynamic vision of fashion. But even more so, it is intended for students who want to consolidate decision-making skills as part of a business project, with the opportunity to expand their work portfolio as they develop expertise across all the key areas of fashion business.

Upon completion, you will have developed all the basics to work across different areas of strategic brand communication. As a manager who deals with business hands-on, you will be able to get around different areas and roles, and also work in fashion events, public relations, advertising, communication and press office roles. You will also have many opportunities as Brand Expert, Fashion Promoter, Fashion Marketing Expert, Creative Designer and Consultant in the area of new media.

The Master’s Course in Fashion Business at IED Firenze is based on two key ideas as a way to approach the current complex scenario of the fashion industry: a multidisciplinary approach on the one hand, and a business vision on the other.

This Master’s Course will expand your vision as you work across different areas (culture, marketing, product and communication) to help you develop strategic mindset, well-balanced know-how and the ability to stay ahead of a changing market with business acumen and innovation. The focus is on managing all key aspects of a professional project such as a marketing strategy and brand development, up to market analysis using a business model.

The legacy and tradition of a city like Florence but also the Italian culture as a whole contribute to providing an ideal context where business and a new renaissance of the fashion system can flourish and thrive. Close partnerships with some of the most important and innovative fashion brands in Italy and internationally (including Adidas, Colmar, Velasca, The Bridge, The Bespoke Dudes, Jacob Cohen and Monnalisa) will allow you to work on real-life projects and get in touch with many different companies and creative agencies.

This Master’s Course is constantly being updated and has a special focus on changing market demands. It has contributed to creating a strong community of alumni who are building their careers within global contexts. By the same token, this course is a permanent reference point for those who want to shape their career development through direct connection with faculty, experienced professionals, firms and experts from the fashion industry.

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The Master in Fashion Business held in IED Firenze is based on the Learing by doing method,

the subjects taught - all in english language - by professionals of the fashion industry are:

-         Visual Culture for Fashion Business

-         Fashion marketing and management

-        Visual Techniques for Business

-        Fashion Business

-        Product Management

-         Fashion Communication strategies and modes

-        Case history

-        Company visits

-        Thesis Project


Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Entrepreneur and Creative Director

Marco Crisci

Fashion and luxury professional

Course Coordinator

Giulia Massarenti

Public Relations

Margherita Abbozzo

Visual Artist    

Giovanni Iozzi


Anne-Marie Mousseau


Tiziano Guardini

Fashion Designer

Olivia Peruzzi


Pier Fioraso

Art-Creative Director

Benedetta Rossi


What people say

“We are living in a historical moment in which it is necessary to break the vicious cycles, rules and schemes that were created in another era and cannot be sustained today.”

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Fashion Business Master Course Mentor

“Fashion Brands are the essence of personality, creativity, design and craftsmanship. Fashion Brand Management is how to turn that into reality.”

Theo Grassl

Fashion Brand Management Master Course Mentor

"Understanding the impact of trends and what is necessary for a business means comprehending the history, how they move through culture and how the memes play into dispersing trends over seemingly disconnected sectors is essential.”

Elizabeth Bowring

Fashion Trend Forecasting Master Course Mentor

“The most compelling fashion brands of today have found a way to balance innovative design and creativity with social consciousness. Consumers are no longer mesmerized by popularity or cache — they want to invest in clothing that speaks to their identity and tells a story. As a style editor and writer, I’m excited to share my perspective on fashion’s evolution through youth culture with IED’s master class.”

Danielle Kwateng

Creative Direction for Fashion Master Course Mentor

“Buying and Merchandising is a balance of clever fashion sense and business expertise. Because of the new fashion rhythm is a key function for fashion brand and retailer since it requires a proactive professional, who is always up-to-date on the latest trends, to better understand what final consumers want to buy.”

Andrea Selvi

Fashion Merchandising and Buying Master Course Mentor