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November 2024


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9 Months

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Imma Matera e Tommaso Lucarini

Embrace a cross-cutting and innovative critical thinking, learn to manage a project from both strategic and technical perspectives, engaging in discussions with leading industry experts. Explore the exciting opportunities that the Master in Future Store Design offers you.

This Master has an ambitious mission: to prepare a new generation of designers increasingly focused on the future and the design challenges that arise from innovation and find fulfilment in an idea. In this study path, you will produce design concepts that align with market demands and the needs of brands and consumers.  

In a rapidly changing environment, the course strives to impart the knowledge and skills essential for the effective design of retail spaces, acknowledging the profound transformations taking place in this realm, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. The evolving interplay between the physical and digital domains is becoming ever more essential to our way of life. The traditional brick-and-mortar store now acts as the central hub for a hybrid experience, seamlessly blending online and offline elements through omnichannel services.
Acknowledging the impact of environmental factors, emotions, and behaviours, the course emphasizes the significance of a cohesive strategy that effortlessly transitions between online and physical spaces. When informed by a well-defined brand strategy, retail design has the power to move consumer emotions and behaviours. 

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A cross-disciplinary Master’s Course to design fluid, empathetic and inclusive concepts adapting to a new way of thinking and shaping stores of the future.

The Master focuses on the direct experience of design themes and techniques through dedicated teaching modules in various areas of intervention, striking a good balance between practical and design subjects.   
Professors, all industry professionals, will use theoretical lessons, visits, conferences, talks, and case studies to capture the current situation, identify trends, and highlight major changes in the retail sector. Above all, they will provide students with tools ensuring their continuous capacity for updates. 

During practical lessons and workshops, professors will employ the learning-by-doing method to foster constant discussions about tangible results, engaging in a learning process that involves not only cognition but also emotions. 
This approach allows students to gain greater awareness of their design skills and their ability to find creative solutions to problems. Moreover, they will learn to apply the theories learned in class to real situations, thereby enhancing their understanding of the subject matter. 

This Master programme is tailored for postgraduate students with proficiency in design and visual elements, along with creative and visual skills. A diploma or bachelor's degree in design, Industrial Design, Architecture, or Interior Design is a prerequisite. Prospective students should possess prior knowledge of Adobe Suite, 2D programs like Adobe Creative Suite, and 3D modeling programs such as Rhinoceros or V-ray for rendering.

Basic skills in conceptualizing, shaping, and creating an interior space are also required. Otherwise, applicants with a minimum of two years of equivalent professional experience in the course subject areas are encouraged to apply.

The Master in Future Store Design is a response to the continuously evolving demands of the market, developed around the needs of those who have already charted a path and now aim to begin building their own career.

The course aims to prepare the student for the strategic design of new retail spaces, enabling them to integrate into professional studios dedicated to retail and beyond. This includes sectors such as interior design, event staging, commerce, business consulting firms, cultural institutions, and production and communication agencies. 

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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  • Design Methods 
  • Marketing for retail  
  • Sociology of Consumption and Markets  
  • Retail techniques and innovation  
  • Retail Design  
  • Trend Lab  
  • Case History  
  • Visits  
  • Final Project  


Joana Vasconcelos


Imma Matera e Tommaso Lucarini


Course Coordinator

Federica Sala

Art Curator & Design Advisor

Luca Trombini

Sales & Marketing Manager

Paolo Cesaretti


Valentina Guidi Ottobri

Curator and branding expert

David Ginsborg


Cosimo Bonciani


Michele Boldi

Architect and Art director

Michele Principe


David Hartono

Visual Artist

Fabrizio Piras


Andrea Cecconi

Graphic and Multimedia designer

Gianni Bartolini

Project Manager