Fashion Stylism



Start date

October 2024




On campus


3 Months


20 IED (160 Horas)



Develop your creative identity in the world of fashion as a professional stylist; influence styles, break out from the crowd and set the trends of the future for the people of today.

This Postgraduate in Fashion Styling gives you the resources you need as a professional stylist with the critical capacity to analyse the contemporary context and create fashion trends for people who go with the trend they want.

Find out how to convey an idea, trend or voice in a series of garments to create a new look. You’ll work on styling for fashion editorials, ads and commercials, runway shows and events, or for private clients; and you’ll learn to question the way we perceive fashion to become a specialist fashion influencer.

Discover new, emerging professional profiles - personal shopper, image director, cool hunter, trendsetter - people changing our idea of the modern age “image”. Project a new kind of fashion identity, a new understanding of fashion identity, based on your own personal interpretation.

Information to decide

A program to find your voice, to convey your aesthetic values and ideas in style.

The IED Madrid Postgraduate in Fashion Styling is an interdisciplinary learning experience. In this program you’ll broaden your horizons with specialised knowledge and enhance your skills to become a unique specialist; it’s a profile that gives you a head start on the fashion jobs’ market.

As a student of this postgraduate, you also have the option of enrolling in a preparatory program in which you'll learn the ins and outs of the basic tools and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the field. This gives you the solid grounding in the field as you develop the inherent technical and personal skills.

This Postgraduate in Fashion Styling is for people who want to specialise or further their education as a professional with everything it takes to meet the demands of today’s fashion brands and the needs of the modern market.

If you’re a creative spirit with a passion for the world of fashion and design who wants a comprehensive and analytical vision of the fashion scene, this is the program for you.

Prior knowledge of photography and a grounding in the history of fashion are recommended for enrolment in the program.

This Postgraduate in Fashion Styling gives you the grounding in theory and the practical experience you need to start a successful career as a fashion stylist. As you study the program modules you’ll find fashion culture becomes part of your DNA as a professional stylist. You’ll learn how to effectively analyse and interpret each season, and use self-criticism with creative and practical know-how to adopt a fashion stylist’s mindset.

This program is an excellent addition to your CV with a profile of undeniable interest, well-suited for a decision-making position: styling editorials or audiovisual media, working with fashion consultants for fashion brands, or as a specialist in fashion communication and marketing.

And you’ll be studying in Madrid, a city considered an epicentre of international fashion by professionals working in the sector. This gives you the ideal opportunity to consolidate your contacts with leading specialists in the sector, and take your place in a competitive market where your creative talent can flourish.


The course takes a specific approach, but also covers generic subjects. You’ll lay the foundations of your learning experience with a historical review of fashion, discover the most competitive techniques fashion stylists use, and let your own creativity flow in a final project.


Fashion Culture

Visual Culture


Fabric Product/Fitting

Showroom and Communication



Graphic Design Tools



Still Life




Final Project Master's Thesis


Helena Grimaldi


Fátima Valdés Nieto