Start date

July 2022




On campus


15 days

Fashion is experiencing a new era in which new needs are emerging in sportswear that are beginning to influence the urban lifestyle.

Based on a technical need to achieve better results in training, shapes, volumes and fabrics are adopted that raise the quality level of urban clothing. Sportswear moves from informal to casual.

Current collections are a mix between functional, innovative materials and relaxed and fluid shapes that raise the feeling of well-being and the awareness of a free body without gender labels.

Information to decide

Directed to: Professionals or designers from the world of fashion in its broadest sense, or freelance with experience in the design sector who want to expand their knowledge.

Admission process : It is necessary to present an updated CV, portfolio and, in the event that the course management considers it, an interview.

Learn the techniques of pattern making and construction of these garments.
Learn about the particular production processes of loungewear. Understand the process of research, ideation and development of a collection of active and lounge wear garments.
Acquire information on the technological advances and the behaviour of the materials, fabrics and finishes that give these garments a differential value.
Acquire a knowledge base about pattern making and construction techniques specific to sportswear.
Learn about packaging as a differential value support for these garments that has an impact on their sales.
Students will become familiar with the sensitivity of colours to the world of loungewear.
They will learn to communicate through a portfolio the ideas that represent the images associated with the new lifestyle philosophy.

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