Music Marketing and Branding



Start date

January 2025




On campus


4 Months

Course Coordination

Luca Seminerio, Giulia Mazzetto


2.700 €

To understand the logic of integrated, multi-channel projects where musical language meets brands

In order to become a professional in the industry and be able to create creative and long-lasting music projects, it is necessary to learn how to manage the three fundamental elements of music marketing: artists, fans and brands. Through this course you will learn how to promote and market an artist effectively, using different marketing, branding and PR strategies. You will learn how to build a consistent image, create an established relationship with fans, use social media at an advanced level and collaborate with record labels and distributors.

The course also includes the presentation of successful case studies and practical workshops on music marketing, social ads and editorial plans.

Information to decide

You will visit music business workplaces

The course is divided into two macro areas. The first part focuses on music marketing. Thanks to partnerships with the record company Carosello Record and Musa Agency you will learn everything an artist manager needs to know, from the various types of contracts to the relationship with the press. The second part presents aspects and characteristics of music branding. The professionals from Musa will explain how to build communication projects capable of putting the language of music at the centre according to the objectives and values of the brand and the artist. Laboratories and workshops complete and complement the training programme.

The course is aimed at students or enthusiasts who aspire to acquire specific skills in the field of music business, as well as professionals from different fields - such as marketing or communication - who wish to supplement their knowledge in order to develop their professional career.

In addition to a basic knowledge of the evolution of the national and international music scene, a general understanding of the terminology and dynamics pertaining to the world of communication and marketing is required for admission to the course.

Training is distinguished by being:

●       Practical. In addition to workshops and laboratories, the course includes a day of fieldwork at the partner premises, Musa and Carosello Music. In addition, the trainees will be engaged in mock competitions and group projects. Furthermore, at the end of the course they will develop and present a creative and strategic format for the target brand;
●       Complete. Three practical workshops are planned during the course: one dedicated to business English (music marketing), one to social planning (editorial plans and social ads), and one to career service (meeting with leading music business companies);
●      Professionally oriented. In previous editions, particularly skilful participants were selected for internships at Musa. 
●      Contemporary. Through the course, taught by industry professionals, students have the opportunity to develop a high-level network within the music industry, which can be used for future employment opportunities.


The study programme, divided into the two macro areas of music marketing and brand marketing, is structured into 4 modules: talent, branding, content and format, with the addition of laboratories, workshops and an end-of-course project work.


Luca Seminerio

Course Coordinator

Giulia Mazzetto

Vice Managing Director Carosello Records

Course Coordinator

Massimo Bonelli

Paolo Ceresoli

Giulia Gori

Francesco Pasquero

Matteo Rigamonti