Cool Hunter



Start date

March 2025


Full time




2 Months


1000 €

The course to learn a real methodology and understand, interpret and predict trends in the fashion industry

You will be able to conduct real research in the field, learn rules and best practices for communicating a trend effectively

 What is happening in the fashion world right now? What impact do sociological events have on the sector? Is it possible to anticipate future changes and, if so, how?

As a Cool Hunter, you will be able to identify, analyse, and finally translate the various dynamics in order to implement strategic and productive performance actions through a sociological research approach. 

The topics covered during the course are not only about fashion in the narrow sense, but encompass the themes of the sector in a comprehensive way, as well as extending to applications in adjacent fields.

Information to decide

You will have the opportunity to develop your own project

The training programme aims to provide in-depth content knowledge through hands-on experience. You will be encouraged to actively participate by researching and exploring one or more specific topics, which will be presented and discussed during the lectures. 

The course will guide you step-by-step in analysing consumer tastes, thoughts, and lifestyles in order to create a concept that directly and clearly meets the needs of the target market.

The course is aimed at professionals already working in the fashion industry who wish to update themselves on the latest contemporary and future trends in their field. 

Moreover, it is the choice of many students and graduates who wish to acquire professional training that anticipates the needs and desires of consumers.

In an ever-changing environment and particularly in the fashion industry, the ability to grasp emerging influences and developments is crucial to the success of a project and business in general. Thus, in this scenario, the Cool Hunter plays a key role that will be increasingly in demand by fashion companies and beyond. 

You will learn how to identify, examine, and translate contemporary imagery and new trends into communicable concepts that serve as tools for design, both productive and strategic, using a variety of sources, including direct observation, data and statistical analysis, online and offline research, interviews and market analysis.

As a result of the relevant information you will gather during the course, you will be able to apply this methodology in any field. Furthermore, you will understand how to respond to any target group's needs and demands.


The study programme is divided into five lessons: the first offers an overview of cool hunting, the second analyses the relationship between fashion and sociology, the third teaches how to examine trends in order to formulate concepts, the fourth presents tools and methodologies of consumption patterns and, finally, the last is dedicated to the presentation of the research project carried out during the course.


Serena Sala

Sociologist and Visual Communication Consultant