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November 2024




On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Alessandro Bertin

Develop soft skills to work in the world of communications with the Master Course in Marketing and Communications at IED Torino.

Learn both analytical and technical skills necessary to establish yourself on the market and stand out for the quality of your content and effective target-focused communication. 

With the Master Course in Marketing and Communications at IED Torino, you will understand how to translate your creative ideas, insights and feelings into tangible projects that can have immediate application. 

On top of the rather typical subjects that are part of the DNA of Marketing and Communications, you will come into contact with the digital business, developing hard and soft skills that are much in demand in this time in history, which is somewhat complex and where often it seems that screamed messages - those appealing to the instincts of the people - are more likely to win out rather than those fitting their real needs. 

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The Master Course that will help you address market challenges and stay ahead of trends 

The Master Course in Marketing and Communication at IED Torino covers both theory and practical lessons where you will be trained and given the basic skills to successfully move out into the industry. This Master Course also brings together strategic players, contributors and guests from top corporate groups, who will be able to provide you with specific insights and an in-depth look at some key issues. 

The aim of this Master Course is to prepare self-aware professionals who can be ahead of trends and who are able to fulfil the demands of the business world. 
These are people with technical expertise and empathy to succeed in a world that, at times, looks difficult to understand, and where communication content comes and goes with the click of a button.  
Marketing and Communications are like a keyhole for you to see the world through: you will be given the key to open it and you will be able to take a critical and dynamic look at the world around you. 

The Master Course in Marketing and Communication at IED Torino is intended for those of you who understand the importance of selling experience - rather than just products and services. This is true especially in the digital industry, an area that now takes an increasingly prominent role. 

Marketing and Communication cover a diverse and highly sophisticated field, always under constant evolution yet adapting perfectly to the needs of the market. That is why, today, this industry is looking for professionals with multidisciplinary skills, who can work on different levels and are able to manage projects involving multiple stakeholders. 

This training is intended for graduates in the areas of humanities, communication, marketing, and business administration, but also for professionals who are already in the job market and are looking for a position in Marketing and Communications.  

The Master's Course in Marketing and Communications at IED Torino is the flagship of our IED school in Turin - a course that will provide you with not just basic, typical skills such as Strategic and Operational Marketing or Public Relations, but most importantly the ones connected to the web industry: Social Media Management, Web Marketing and Relationship Management with Bloggers and Influencers, Reputation and Content Management, SEO and SEM, Personal Branding and Corporate Strategy. 

Attending this Master Course will give you a great opportunity to successfully take on a variety of positions within a company, ranging from Marketing Management to Product Marketing or Trade Marketing roles, from Communications to Account Management, all the way to such roles as Social Media Manager, Strategist and Content Manager. 

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


You will be involved in learning activities covering four core fields: technical and cultural areas, practical methods, techniques/tools and project design.  
You will conclude your training with a rather challenging Dissertation Project, which will involve reproducing a lifelike work environment with its dynamics, working together with some of our partner companies. 



Alessandro Bertin

Partner and President - Spin-To Srl

Course Coordinator

Franco Amato

Freelance editor

Sara Arrigone

Ph D., Marketing & Communication Advisor & Trainer

Maurizio Bazzano

President - Circolo del Design and President SeTI Terziario Innovativo - Confindustria

Alessandra Bianco

Corporate Communication Director e Lavazza Eventi Sole Director - Lavazza Group

Davide Caggiano

Partner & Managing Director - Louder Italy

Claudia Cagliano

Consultant and lecturer in branding, communication and education

Daniela De Luca

Partner of Exeo Consulting

Mariligia Di Stasio

Digital Communication Strategist, Consultant, Trainer

Francesca Gambetta

Programme Manager, Head of Mission Creating Attractiveness Objective Culture - Compagnia di San Paolo

Gaia Giordani

Copywriter and Digital Strategist

Livio Milanesio

Writer and Communication Strategist at WEDOO

Roberto Veronesi

Head of Communication, External Relations, and Human Resources Development at LINKS Foundation

Andrea Viberti

Founder and Creative Director of Hellobarrio

Fabrizio Vignati

Founder of REPCOM

Alberto Robiati

Co-founder e Director - Forwardto