Web Design



Start date

November 2023




On campus


8 Months


2.800 €

165 classroom hours to follow a challenging and professional training course for working in web design

The Web Designer plays a crucial role and ensures that the appearance and functionality of a website is attractive, user-friendly and meets the needs of users.

Are there any guidelines to be observed? How to choose colours? How to determine the arrangement of contents? This comprehensive course will provide you with all the information and enable you to develop a greater sensitivity for usability and user experience. You will hone your creative skills to produce attractive and highly functional websites that are ready to be published.

Information to decide

From design to putting the finished product online

This course allows participants to explore all project phases involved in the realisation of a website, from initial planning to the creation and management of a functional structure. Starting with an overview of the scenario within which the web designer has to move, we move on to the use of graphic programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, with continuous exercises on the topics covered. In the web design part, you will understand how to transform what was previously done graphically in Photoshop and Illustrator into strings of code. You will learn how to structure the interface design according to a certain graphic mood and usability criteria, as well as the tools and HTML language.

The course is designed for anyone who wants to create professional comprehensive  websites. This training course is also suitable for those with no prior technical knowledge. Thanks to the training provided, participants will be able to acquire the knowledge and technical language needed to face web challenges - present and future - effectively and competently.

The course will prepare you as a Web Designer in every aspect:

-        You will become an expert in every aspect of Photoshop, from colour application to basic and advanced retouching tools, and be able to design and structure professionally designed websites;
-        You will learn how to use Illustrator professionally to design logos and create pages, graphics and gifs for the web;
-        You will learn the language of HTML and Javascript to design high-level websites with a modern and neat design.

The teaching staff consists of industry professionals, such as ICT Specialists and Web Developers. Thanks to their experience in the field, the lecturers are able to offer a practical and needs-oriented approach to the contemporary world of work, preparing participants for their future careers


The study programme includes a first module, media design, with an introduction to the meaning of web design today; this is followed by a 60-hour module dedicated to Photoshop and Illustrator and, finally, a part focused on web design.


Sara Scafidi

Stefano Lazzari

Giorgia Cesari