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November 2024




On campus


6 Months

Course Coordination

Alberto Iacovoni

Learn how to create immersive exhibit designs that can tell powerful stories with the Master's Course in Exhibit Design at IED Roma

As an Exhibit Designer today, you need to develop a full set of project design skills, which will prove invaluable when setting up a museum, a retail area or a tradeshow space. Our Master Course will prepare you to move into this scenario with a broader depth of skills, roles and technologies.

The Master's Course in Exhibit Design will provide you with an innovative approach to space as you prepare for a career path in a constantly evolving industry, where new solutions are always needed to meet new demands.

You will find out how to blend the exciting part of this profession with the different exhibition requirements of your customers.

Information to decide

A Master's Course with a strong lab-based approach, where you can learn how to design a space in a way that combines aesthetics with practical use

The Master's Course in Exhibit Design has a strong focus on providing first-hand experience of project-based techniques and ideas with specific teaching modules on different areas of expertise.

The Master's Course is divided into four different workshops, each focusing on one of the four areas of application covered in the course. These include museum exhibit design, tradeshow exhibit design, commercial space design and interactive exhibit design.

Project design labs include a number of conferences or short and intensive workshops with leading professionals and businesses from the industry, providing an insight into cultural and technological innovation. You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with top professionals of international background, working closely with a great museum institution like MAXXI.

The Master's Course in Exhibit Design at IED Roma is open for creatives with different educational backgrounds such as Interior Designers, Architects, Set Designers, but also Graphic Designers and Video & Interaction Designers who want to deepen and broaden their skills on design of communication spaces.

This Master's Course has developed from the need for specific education bringing together skills and knowledge on such disciplines as interior design, spatial applied graphics, interactive video and installation production, and experience design, to name a few.

This Course is for those who feel that being a designer is such a rewarding experience, a never-ending discovery process, where every project is an opportunity for innovation and experimentation through cross-breeding of knowledge, languages, skills and technologies. We are proud to describe this Master Course as either a lab-based training opportunity or a skills factory where you will not just learn how to design strong concepts, but most importantly, how to turn it all into high-impact visuals, with the power to arouse wonder.

The Master Course in Exhibit Design is a training opportunity with a focus on current and evolving market demands. It is designed around the needs of those who have already made their first steps into this field, and now want to start building their own careers and move forward.

Rome is definitely the ideal city where to offer this type of training. This is because the city is full of opportunities for discovery, traditionally hosting cultural and temporary shows where evolution can be witnessed in real time as tourism, business and tradeshows continue to grow. You will gain first-hand experience of a place remarkable for experimentation, coming into contact with the most prominent organizations in the industry such as MAXXI and other institutions or companies that get involved in the course year by year.

Upon completion of your Master Course, you will be able to work as a freelance exhibition designer in a museum, exhibition, retail or event environment. Also, you will have the opportunity to work as an interactive exhibit designer or as a manager for exhibition design for different organizations, cultural institutions and associations involved in museum activities, or also as an experienced consultant for private companies specializing in exhibit design, communication, and event management.


Study programme

A six-month course covering a variety of theory contents to provide historical, analytical and technological insights into museum, commercial and exhibition design. Plus, four hands-on workshops to explore and understand all the technical narrative and exhibition requirements involved in each area of Exhibit Design.


Alberto Iacovoni


Course Coordinator

Domitilla Dardi

Art Historian, Curator of design

Silvia La Pergola

Architect, PhD

Roberto Bebo Ferlito

Anna Maria Cestelli Guidi

Art historian

Francesco Bruno Viteri

Luca La Torre

Adriano Caputo


Giulio Pernice

Interaction Designer

What people say

Special Lesson con Liminal State

“We explained how it is possible to use new media,and digital arts to create immersive environments that can arouse emotions, not only aimed for entertainment, or glittering and dazzling effects, but also to reflect on the contemporary and our society, hoping that this somehow will create a change in our daily habits”.

Liminal State - Gregorio Comandini e Saverio Villirillo

Transmedia artists

Special Lesson with Ruedi Baur

“I try to learn with students and not to teach the students, but to learn together. This is for me absolutely essential, if we want to learn to make new experiences, to do research".

Ruedi Baur

Franco-swiss Designer, specializing in the design of wayfinding and visual identification systems, urban design, information design, and set design.