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November 2024




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11 Months

Course Coordination

Marco Lanzetta - Francesca Capitani

The Master Course preparing for a career in interior design for home and work

Learn how to manage every part of home space design and development with our Master Course in Interior Design at IED Roma

Learn how to design practical and comfortable home spaces, keeping up with the continuous evolution of living needs. You will enhance your own professional approach as you develop skills and methods that reflect the overall organisation of a typical design studio.

Being an Interior Designer means more than just approaching interior design in terms of project concept and development. It means bringing up a variety of soft skills, including creative, technical, legal, technological and communication skills.

With the Master Course in Interior Design at IED Roma, you will learn how to manage and coordinate interior design projects across all levels, with an original and personal touch on everything from planning to production, communication and promotion.

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The Master Course preparing you to design multifunctional home interior environments that keep pace with changing society

The Master Course in Interior Design at IED Roma has a strong lab-based focus. The aim is to help you share and build up skills along with a project-based approach, as we believe that hands-on experience is key to becoming quickly competitive on the market. You will acquire multidisciplinary and soft skills that will allow you to successfully manage interior design projects across all levels.

As the programme is intended to reproduce the typical workplace environment found in an architecture studio, training will be delivered through specific modules, design workshops, guest lectures and partnerships with leading companies from the industry.

In particular, workshops typically consist of three design sessions dealing with three different types of interiors. The first workshop covers home development, while the second one is about designing a home office and the third focuses on a rather unusual living space: the summer house.

The purpose of the Master Course is to provide you with all the tools you need to coordinate and manage the whole process of a design project.

The Master Course in Interior Design at IED Roma is for anyone who wants to consolidate a well-rounded professional approach, matching a background of soft and multidisciplinary skills.

It is intended for students with either First Level Academic Diploma or Bachelor's degree in design-related areas of study: for those who have a background in Architecture, Scenography, Product and Interior Design, and wish to develop or expand on skills they have acquired on previous tracks. It is also open to professionals who have at least two years of relevant professional experience in the specific areas covered by the Master Course.

Undergraduates who expect to complete their degree by the date of their dissertation are also eligible to apply.

The Master Course in Interior Design at IED Roma pays close attention to market demands and provides an overall perspective on how to successfully manage a project.

Upon completion of your training, with the soft skills acquired you will be able to start a career as a freelancer or consultant, working as a designer with firms and companies in the areas of interior and product design.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 



The Master Course consists of a series of modules that will provide you with a theoretical, analytical and technological knowledge base.

Your Dissertation Project will be the culmination of the whole training process.  You will be making a portfolio bringing together all the projects developed throughout the Course.


Marco Lanzetta - Francesca Capitani

Course Coordinator

Giulia Turano

Alberto Iacovoni


Maria Azzurra Rossi

Giulia Milza

Domitilla Dardi

Art Historian, Curator of design

Francesco Bruno Viteri

Vincenzo Tattolo


Massimiliano Germani


Matteo Grimaldi Grimaldi


Massimiliano Baldieri

Lighting Designer

Giulio Molaioli


What people say

Ponza Experience

During the third workshop of the Master's in Interior Design, students, led by Marco Lanzetta and Francesca Capitani, explore beautiful summer homes on the stunning island of Ponza, the largest of the Pontine Islands.

Marco Lanzetta, Francesca Capitani

Coordinators of the Master's Program in Interior Design - IED Roma