Start date

March 2023




On campus


9 Months

Course coordinator

Damiana Leoni


5.900 €

Contemporary Art Curator has managerial, organizational and conservative skills with reference to the contemporary works of art.

The course in Event and Museum Curator aims at giving the required tools necessary to organize both exhibition events and performing events (video exhibitions, audio exhibitions, online exhibitions, multi-media exhibitions, urban and public art events).

Contemporary Art Curator can work on long lasting projects or on the organization of temporary events dedicated to contemporary art or on performing show requested by public or private customers.

Information to decide

The Course in Event and Museum Curator pathway will be characterized by a teaching methodology that will constantly alternate theory and practice. From this point of view, the course will include two kinds of teaching: a basic course, constantly supported by different tutors and a series of experts working at important institutions - European and international, public and private - who will talk about their work experience.

The teaching methodology of the Course in Event and Museum Curator includes also guided tours in Museums, Collections, Libraries, Video libraries or Media libraries.

The Course in Event and Museum Curator is addressed to Graduates and final-year university students in Art and Humanistic Sciences who followed an Art or Show course of study, Communication Science, Cultural Heritage, Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture. Professionals with a proven experience in a field concerning the subjects of the Master course


Damiana Leoni

Art, Culture and Events Expert

Course Coordinator

Costanza Meli

Manuela Pacella

Silvia La Pergola

Architect, PhD

Silvano Manganaro

Silvia Litardi

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