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November 2024




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1 Year

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Antonio Anfossi

Learn how to design, organise and manage all the activities and tools involved in brand development and value creation. This is what the Master's Course in Brand Management at IED Roma is all about

The Master's Course in Brand Management at IED Roma covers a variety of subjects and activities that will introduce you to brand building and value creation using specific techniques and tools across different channels. This is actually what makes communication these days such a complex and diverse field. 

The aim of the Master's Course is to provide you with a full set of tools to successfully work with communication. The specialist skills and knowledge acquired will prove invaluable in bringing new, original projects and brand storytelling into life.

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Learning how to create storytelling and strong brand identity

The Master's Course in Brand Management at IED Roma has a special focus on learning how to develop brand personality and create a strategic plan providing the best possible brand experience across different touchpoints. As a first step, you will be introduced to context analysis as a way to understand motivations, opinions and behaviours that drive decision-making processes of your target customers. You will then be able to translate this into powerful insights with specific activities and actions that contribute to making a brand great.

Over the eleven months of your course, brand management will be approached from every possible perspective. You will be introduced to the main tools needed to create strong and consistent brand identity, learning about what is known as ‘the consumer journey’ and looking at how best to bring a brand closer to its target market, in a way that reflects its identity and mission. We will also look at current competitive and social scenarios, with a focus on trends, values and brand strategies. As far as communication activities are concerned, we will set out the basic features of a social media strategy and focus on how content is used. We will approach copywriting and art direction techniques, study creative synthesis and the importance of insights. As far as marketing topics are concerned, such concepts as digital experience and digital marketing will also be introduced. We will cover brand reputation, understand how CRM and lead generation actually work, and explore the world of experiential marketing and media architectures.

The mission of the Master Course in Brand Management at IED Roma is indeed to train up all-round professionals who can build, position, manage and find ways to successfully communicate brand identity -traditionally one of the key assets of every business or organization.

The Master's Course in Brand Management at IED Roma is designed for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in humanities or economics. It is also intended for professionals with relevant experience in the specific subject areas covered by this Course.

We are looking for students with great enthusiasm, determination and a strong desire to learn. Indeed, to become a successful brand strategist you need to always stay on top of things, and never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You need to be eager to learn more about new trends and the social context where you work, in such a way that you can quickly adapt to any change that may occur.

On your Master's Course, you will get to know more about the whole world of branding. As you experiment and work on a variety of projects, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with all the different aspects involved, understanding what your talent and skills are all about. Upon completion of the course, you will gain awareness of your own skills as a professional. This is because you will have come face to face with your limits, understanding how to go further and move towards a self-aware approach to the world of work. 

With more than 10 years of training completed, the Master's Course in Brand Management at IED Roma is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to have a quality approach to the world of work. Indeed, as you take part in the different group work projects on the schedule, you will see that the Master Course will reproduce in the classroom the typical business context where strategic branding plans are studied and developed for customers from a variety of industries. 

A key moment in the learning process of the Master Course in Brand Management at IED Roma is an intensive three-week session where you will have the opportunity to test the skills acquired in the course, working on some real-life projects. The first step will consist of a briefing phase, where you will have regular meetings with your customer, working on a brand analysis project together with your team. We will cover everything from developing strategic creativity consistently with your targets, all the way to planning key marketing and communication activities focused on brand enhancement, and also coordinating brainstorm sessions where together with your peers, you will work out in detail some of the creative concepts proposed.

You will meet face-to-face with key players in the branding industry and get an up-close look at brand projects with some exciting storytelling. Discussion with communication experts will help you gain awareness of your own talent and know-how,
consolidate skills and feel motivated to acquire new ones, as you get closer to shaping day after day your future career. Students from previous years of our Master Course have worked on projects for: Biscottificio Antonio Mattei, Feudi San Gregorio, Fida, Gambero Rosso, History Channel, Jaguar Land Rover, Milleocchiali, Panini, Pampers, Pentole Agnelli, TEAMVision, and Telco to name a few.

Over the years, the Master's Course in Brand Management at IED Roma has contributed to
a community of professionals who have been part of relevant and successful branding programmes. Upon completion of your Master Course, with the strong skills acquired you will also be able to kick-start a career path as a Brand and Communication Manager, Digital and Social Media Manager, CRM Expert, Strategic Account and Planner. 


Study programme

The Master Course in Brand Management at IED Roma runs for 1 year. Over this time, you will delve into all aspects of brand management. We will start with brand foundation and brand strategy, and then explore brand communication and brand expression, studying how to get customers involved with specific activities and contents. And finally, we will also be focusing on luxury brand communication skills. 

You will be involved in a variety of activities including workshops, projects and company visits that will bring you closer to what brand management is all about. At the end of the Course, you will consolidate all of your skills and knowledge into your final dissertation project.


Antonio Anfossi

Communication Manager

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Copywriter in The Teachers    

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