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November 2024






1 Year

Learn how to lead the digital transformation of the cultural industry, as you develop cross-disciplinary skills and work on innovative and challenging projects with some top institutions. This is what the Master’s Course in Innovation and Digital Production at IED Torino is all about

With this focus, our Master’s Course seeks to provide students with complete and challenging training, as they develop skills and knowledge of the world of digital innovation through cross-disciplinary learning. Museums, Archives, Theatres, Heritage and Cultural Institutions in general are in great need of guidance and support when it comes to integrating digital innovation into their complex systems.

With this in mind, our Master's Course seeks to train up professionals who can provide extensive knowledge of digital innovation as applied to preservation practices, enhancement, management, promotion, marketing and use of cultural heritage and products/services across the arts and heritage market.

All this is needed to help the cultural industry take the next step forward. Graduates will be able to keep track of digital trends in the industry, as they develop the skills required to connect demand and supply of innovation, learning how to work on specific target actions. On top of that, they will also be able to raise awareness among key players and decision-makers towards a more responsible digital transformation process.


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The Master's Course where you learn how to develop projects bringing new digital systems into the cultural industry

This Master’s Course will focus on how to create, design and deliver a variety of products, services, solutions and new approaches to creating opportunities within the digital transformation process of the cultural industry. The training involves high levels of interaction, with a number of workshop activities to help students develop teamwork skills within a strong cross-disciplinary context.

Different study options are available with this Master's Course, including on-line classroom lessons and inspirational lectures on the main topics covered by the coursework, with leading experts, professionals and academics from around the world. Research visits to relevant cultural heritage institutions will also be organised. Finally, students will be involved in project-based labs and workshops, where they will put into practice and try out in the field the methods and solutions acquired in the classroom. Workshops will be held at the different cultural institutions selected as Partners of this Master's Course. These institutions will also work as the customers contracting the different projects that students will work on.

The lab-based approach will also be a key feature of your dissertation. This will involve presenting and developing a digital innovation project where you will be working on different types of requests made by a partner cultural institution.

This Master's Course is for school leavers or university graduates in the areas of design, communication, new media, graphic design, visual communication and curatorships, as well as for anyone with previous professional experience working in the same fields.

The world of culture is experiencing extraordinary transformation, partly brought about by the process of digital transition. Cultural experiences are enhanced by new technological solutions that empower new audiences to enjoy and learn about art and culture. Digital systems provide new ways of communicating and getting people involved, with new products and new participation patterns going to hybridize more traditional contexts. VR, mixed reality, Artificial Intelligence, Web 3.0, open data, NFT, gaming, edutainment, digitization, and social networking are just some of the existing options for innovating and making cultural experiences more attractive.

There is a strong and real need to train up new professionals who can detect and interpret emerging trends, bringing innovation into and with cultural institutions. Graduates will also put their 'vertical' skills into digital cultural production and design, developing the ability to listen to/interpret any unexpressed needs coming from the cultural world, and turn everything into high-value solutions and ideas. 

Today, digital innovation can truly provide a unique opportunity to make culture more accessible, enjoyable, inclusive and engaging. Our Master’s Course was developed with this in mind, as it aims to train up Digital Innovation professionals who can introduce, produce and manage projects and processes associated with digital culture and technological innovation across a variety of cultural contexts such as: Museums, Archives, Theatres, Foundations, Cultural Institutions, Public and Private Institutions, Libraries, Cultural Heritage. Graduates will be able to respond to existing market needs, yet still lacking clear structure.

With their multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary skills, future professionals will bring elements of innovation as they work with different Cultural Institutions. They will be able to move into career areas where they can develop complex projects with a strong impact on changing existing patterns. 

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


Study Programme



Alessandro Bollo

Coordinator Expert in Culture Management

Course Coordinator

Giuliano Gaia

Co-founder InvisibleStudio LTD

Enrica Ferrero

Personal branding strategist and communications consultant

Pete Kercher

Ambassador of EIDD - Design for All Europe

Marco Mazzaglia

Business Developer & Video Game Evangelist - GameThinkers

Federico Borreani

Project Manager - BAM! Strategie Culturali

Elena Bertelli

Project Manager - BAM! Strategie Culturali

Matteo Milaneschi

Co-founder and Creative Director - Nationhood

Stefano Mirti

Designer and Founder - IdLab_studio

Ludovico Solima

Professor of business economics and management & cultural business management - L. Vanvitelli University

Fabio Viola

Metaverse Designer, Videogame Designer & Producer, Videogames Museum Curator

Silvio Salvo

Senior Press Officer & Social Media Manager - Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation