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The Fashion Styling is one of the most important figures in the world of fashion, that acts as a narrator through the use of images of contemporary fashion. In addition to having organisational and practical skills, he must also have an excellent knowledge of the culture and history of fashion, of new styles, of past and present archetypes, of fabrics and colors so to be able to combine them and enhance them the best.

In this regard, the Spring Semester in Fashion Styling allows you to develop the necessary skills in order to propose innovative and effective visual languages, to be used in fashion shows, photo shoots, editorials, viral videos as well as visual content for social media.

In addition to acquiring a strong ability to understand trends, you will learn to use the media to attract new followers and enhance brand identity. You will be able to work in synergy and manage the team involved in the process of photo-shooting, image editing, set and lighting, as well as make-up, hairstyles, and accessories.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    February 2022
  • Duration
    15 weeks
  • Attendance
  • Language

Schedule:  Lessons run from Monday to Friday, full-time.

Target: The course is designed for students attending their second year of university studies in Communication, Marketing or Fashion Styling, and for professionals working in one of these fields, seeking to achive career development and additional skills and knowledge in a specific field.

Methodology and structure: The primary objective of the Fashion Styling course is to teach you to develop a creative interpretation of fashion trends in line with the current “lifestyle”.
You will learn how to comprehend product values and manufacturing excellence, select and define the key products values and fashion content, develop communication skills and develop the ability to present a fashion styling project and contemporary visual merchandising strategy.

The course covers the history of fashion in order to both identify trends and understand the communication processes. The course presents a specific focus on artisanship, especially related to the “Made in Italy” supply chain and approach to design. The evolution of trends and styles are presented through a historical, cultural, social and economic relevance in order to provide the foundation to develop the necessary skill set to understand and analyse the contemporary fashion system.

During the course, you will learn how to use video making software as well as photography and video editing techniques. In addition, you learn how to analyse the different “video languages” and the influence and role of new media in the fashion system. The course will provide you with critical analytical skills about contemporary trends related to video production, understanding the key contents and design techniques. Moreover, the education path provides technical and methodological skills in visual design, in particular how to use graphic design software to create a customised publication and multimedia projects.

Based on an analysis of the trade press, you learn how to create a written and visual narrative and communication project, taking into consideration the appropriate styles and brand identity.
As part of the project in the classroom, you have the opportunity to visit showrooms and interact directly with industry professionals.


  • Study Plan

    • Fashion and Contemporary Arts

      This course investigates developments in the history of contemporary fashion, so as to identify trends in the fashion system and how it communicates. The evolution in trends and styles is tackled from an historical, cultural, social and economic standpoint, providing you with the tools you need to understand fashion’s contemporary relevance,highlight its mechanisms and identify its key personalities and salient phenomena.

    • Video Language

      In addition to learning how to use video design programs and the most important techniques of video shooting and editing, this course analyses the aesthetic codes, the many different languages of the video medium and the influence exerted on perception and use of the fashion system. You acquire the ability to exercise critique about the phenomena related to video production, translating the codes of their contents and understanding the techniques used to make them.

    • Digital Events

      Analysis of the essential elements of digital events: design, realisation, and coordination of all the creative, technical and logistical aspects necessary for a fashion event. How to exploit and integrate the  opportunities of technology to support events, in order to create a unique experience that can involve the audience at 360 °. The course aims at developing a critical attitude towards the phenomena emerging in the fashion scene, so as to translate its forms and contents and learn how to create and to manage a fashion event strategy based on new media.

    • Fashion Stylist

      Development of the ability to apply the right methodology for devising, developing and producing a fashion styling and visual merchandising project, starting from complex concepts. You will enhance technical skills and practical application capabilities to manage a fashion shoot effectively, from the moodboard and the casting to the choice of location and the organisation of the photography set. You will observe and analyse the real world and contemporary trends in men’s and women’s fashion, as input for elaborating an initial concept and translating it into an original, creative communication proposal.

    • Digital Communication

      The purpose of the methods and processes available for visual design is to communicate and present complete projects. By providing you with a series of technical and methodological skills, the course teaches you to use the principle graphic design software to create a customised book, a portfolio and multimedia graphic projects.

    • Fashion Writing

      Starting out from an analysis of the trade press and by responding to specific questions, you are now expected to create a narrative, both written and visual, that takes styles and brand identities into due account. Case studies highlight the importance of choosing the correct expressive language, semiotic codes, principles of marketing and mechanisms for using communications – from hard copy to the web and new digital tools.

    • Visual Merchandising

      The purpose of this course is to train your ability to act independently and to apply the right methodology for devising, developing and producing a visual merchandising project. You will learn to develop technical skills and practical application capabilities to manage a creative project effectively, from the choice of location and the organisation of the design set. Also you acquire the ability to observe and analyse the real world and contemporary trends in visual merchandising in significant fashion stores. The aim of this course is to teach you to realise an original, creative interpretation of elements in contemporary lifestyles, so as to propose a contemporary view of them in a fashion styling and visual merchandising project.

    • The Concept of Trend

      Particular focus is given to the importance of a product and its perception, how it can be interpreted as an expressive symbol which conveys a unique and personal message. Furthermore you will understand the link between past and future throughout an analysis of the different elements that nowadays give the basis to a future development towards new scenarios and innovation in fashion supply chain.

    • Introduction to Collection Project

      Introduction to the fashion collection concept and acquisition of the necessary skills to develop original ideas and create a collection. You learn to coordinate the various planning phases: from concept, research, material exploration, and technical design. The final output will be a paper project for a potential capsule collection, developed according to the contemporary fashion trends. Realisation of a basic female/ male drawing, with a particular attention on anatomy proportions and the development of graphic techniques for the draping and the patterns of the main fabrics.

    • Made in Italy

      Overview of the evolution and great innovators of Italian concept while examining contemporary designers, products, and trends. The focus is on the emotional, expressive and sensorial value of fashion, decor and accessories. Florence will serve as the classroom to observe and evaluate contemporary creative and commercial realities.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Alessandra Ripa - Course Coordinator

Alessandra Ripa - Course Coordinator
Designer and Project Manager in the retail sector for Italian fashion brands. She was part of an Unesco  project that aimed at inscribing the leather Tuscan craftsmanship on the World Heritage List. Graduated in Architecture, she regularly carried out research projects in the fields of design, materials and sustainable production.

Daniela Fiorilli

Daniela Fiorilli
Freelance Designer and Stylist Consultant. She started her career working for major companies both in Italy and abroad. In 2001 she founded her studio offering her experience to important brands of ready-to-wear and luxury denim. In 2012 she launches Guen womenswear capsule collection. She was selected by Vogue Italia as one of the new emerging talents for Vogue Talents September 2013 issue. On July 2015 her collection was selected together with the most interesting new fashion projects around the world and exhibited during the Florence fashion week.  

Giovanni Iozzi

Giovanni Iozzi
Founder of Volumio, a multimedia start up, his fields of work are Interaction Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking. He cooperates with several R&D international teams, ranging from multimedia applications to technology innovation in hi-end products. Graduated in Psychology, his main interest is technological innovation, about which he is particularly interested in the human and cognitive aspects, for national and international fashion brands.

Giulia Rossi

Giulia Rossi
She has been working for over ten years as Communication Expert; among her clients Il Resto del Carlino, Lettera 43 and L’Espresso. As Head of Communications, she collaborates with companies in the sectors of luxury hotels, design, exhibitions and events related to art, food and culture. She is author of fashion publications, tour and restaurant guides, as well as a novel and collected testimonies of entrepreneurs on the subject of local development.

Carlotta Malafarina

Carlotta Malafarina
During many years experience, Carlotta worked in Fashion Companies as Communication Manager and in famous Italian Marketing/ADV agencies and International Fashion brands, as Southern-Europe PR Coordinator, Italian press office and Fashion show Manager. Currently she works in communication and Marketing as a consultant and collaborates with International Companies and brands on communication strategies, mainly on Media plans, Social Media analysis, events management, press office and PR.

Paola Passeri

Paola Passeri
Architect, specialised in motion graphic and video design. Professional development of media for visual communication: from graphic design to corporate and promotional videos, to audiovisual products for educational and teaching, to museum video settings, to contents for interactive video installations.

Andrea Banfi

Andrea Banfi
After a humanistic education, he specialised in the field of communication and marketing in various sectors (environment, design, fashion, social) between narration and protection of creative talent. He contributed to the launch and communication of various realities related to the Third Sector, competing with the story of design and creative talent in Italy and abroad, also managing civil and environmental awareness and information projects. He worked on international projects in Australia and Canada (Winter Olympics), United States, Poland and Japan, as well as for Expo 2015 and the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

Arianna Mereu

Arianna Mereu
Arianna Mereu is a Coolhunter and a Fashion Designer. She collaborated with important companies (Sixty Group, Levi’s, Iceberg, Max Mara group) both as a womanswear designer and a coolhunter, for her ability to travel the world seeking what’s new and cool around. She spent some time in Hong Kong, working as a Coolhunter and Reporter for She is currently living in Italy, working as a Freelance for several brands.

Marie Astier

Marie Astier
Graduated in Textile Engineering at the Institut Textile et Chimique of Lyon, France, she worked as an engineer in research and development of treatments and dyes. In addition to hes passion for fabric manipulation and natural dyes, for which she conducts her research and experiments, she teaches materials science and textile technologies at various international institutes.