January 11, 2021


An innovative 3,000 square metre space in Milan dedicated to design and creativity, tailor-made to welcome future designers from all over the world.

The new IED Postgraduate School, in Milan, Via Piranesi 10, is characterised by its large, “transparent” spaces, projected, as design teaches us, towards the horizon and the future, in an atmosphere charged with innovation.
A future linked more than ever to a concept of safety, where areas dedicated to discussion and Design Thinking make it possible to enjoy a day of study while maintaining the correct distance but without distorting the necessary relationships of comparison and exchange between students.

Work islands, thematic classrooms, workshops, spaces for discussion with staff, relaxation areas and outdoor areas are just some of the environments designed to accommodate the student “explorers” of different nationalities who take part in the Master courses every year. Students who are set to embark along a path on which an international and multidisciplinary approach will be developed in direct collaboration with companies, agencies and sector studies in order to be prepared to face the labour market, while building their professional identity by combining creative, cultural and production skills.

As confirmed by Emanuele Soldini – Director, IED Italy
“Opening a new location is always a great feeling for institutions like ours operating in the field of design and training. This gives shape and life to a new adventure, a story to be told, filled with unexplored horizons, and projects to be unveiled. World history has shown us that those who design think, and those who think like to explore. Our wish is to keep training explorers.”

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