20 June 2022

The ADI Medals were presented at the ADI Awards ceremony on the 15th of June.

ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association linked to FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) invited young, designers who’d recently graduated to submit their Final, Master or Postgraduate Project to participate in the ADI 2022 Awards for the ADI 2022 Medals.

These awards were created in 1976 to build bridges between the academic world and industry. They’re something of a tradition on the Spanish design scene, rewarding a new generation of talent.

The aim is to acknowledge and promote innovative projects, with particular emphasis on the creative process and research; the formal, functional and aesthetic presentation of the final project; the sustainability of the project, its social impact and the appropriate application of technologies and materials.

There are 12 award winners’ medals: 9 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold. 

Two IED Madrid students made the final, winning a silver and the ADI 2022 gold medal. 

It’s the most prestigious design award in Spain in the category, as well as being highly acclaimed at international level.


The medals went to: 

GOLD, Xueyu Ji for the SWAY project

Sway is a measuring instrument that transforms visual information into auditory information.

It’s designed inclusively for everyone, and especially for blind people. Sway turns visual information into auditory information so a blind person can hear it. 

SILVER, Diego Acosta for the One Side project

One Side is a portable technological device designed to help people suffering from Acquired Brain Injury during upper limb rehabilitation. It can connect to any smart device via Bluetooth. 

After studying the movements patients perform in their exercise routine, these movements are then translated into mechanical language to create a series of modules used to control a video game of the patient’s choice.

BRONZE, Flavia Carneade for the Color Kartell project

A marker pen that, thanks to a guided experience, generates as little waste as possible leaving no trace of pollution, as every part of the pen can be used for something else.


The prototypes were presented with the rest of the finalists’ and winners’ projects at 'The Best Design of the Year' exhibition, inaugurated on the 2nd of June at Barcelona’s design museum, the Museu del Disseny. 


Click this link to watch the award ceremony video. 

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