11 July 2022

IED Barcelona, in collaboration with Sedus, has conceived new educational spaces and experiences for schools, institutions, private organisations and virtual environments.

Students from the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and Product Design reexamined new educational models as part of their final projects. Their proposals arise from the need to design not only spaces or products, but also services, in accordance with new learning trends, methods and concepts, taking into account aspects such as atmosphere, light, functionalities, colours, shapes and materials. 

“This is a resilient generation that has experienced the consequences of confinement first-hand, and now, in their final year projects, are analysing and proposing alternatives,” explains Raffaella Perrone, Director of the institution’s Design School. 

Together with SEDUS, students carried out different research projects over the course of five months, in which they were able to analyse highly contemporary concepts such as phygital environment and the paradigm shifts in collaborative and individual learning processes, by way of an experiential approach. In addition, the office furniture company has been present at different stages of the project development process, providing support and guidance to students. 

The result is a wide variety of proposals: modular furniture solutions for high-traffic areas in schools; spaces that drive a circular gastronomy system; public institutions that raise awareness and educate about biodiversity and the origin of foodstuffs; furniture designed for open environments in companies and institutions and made using 3D manufacturing; libraries that blend in with nature and incorporate storage systems for physical books and digital data; and work tables designed to incorporate virtual and augmented reality resources; among others. 

"I am thrilled by the creativity of the ideas and the multi-layered approaches," says Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG, who attended the presentation of the projects. "The final year students have developed forward-looking concepts that have not been seen before. The presentations are of a very high quality. It was an enriching experience and a pleasure for Sedus to support this project as a cooperation partner.”

You can see the projects below: 

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