Master courses in Design: get an insight

The Master courses promote a multidisciplinary approach and the exchange of knowledges, combining study and research with practical work and organising extracurricular activities.

Through this page we want to present you a preview of your future educational pathway during the Master courses in Design – Innovation, Strategy and Product, in English at IED Milano, accredited by The Italian minister of Education as a 1st level Master course, and in Food Design Project Experience, in Italian at IED Roma. Here we tell you the stories of the students that preceded you, their projects and experiences and the people they met.

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6 clients, 6 briefs, 10 designers and 10 personal journeys: not single projects but a variety of  projects represents the “raison d’être” of the First Level Master course in Design – Innovation, Strategy and Product Master Course at IED Milano. Listen to the stories of the students who preceded you and discover more about their internships and Final Projects.

In occasion of the First Project, the students of the Master in Design at IED Milano collaborated with Tequila Clase Azul, Mexican brand of premium beverage. The company asked them to present upcycling concepts, design solutions to reuse the bottle finding new possible uses. A project that has been focused on sustainability and strengthening brand reputation.

IED Alumni: Attila Veress


Attila Veress, graduated students of the Undergraduate course in Product Design and of the Master course in Design, collected several job experiences in worldwide companies in Italy and abroad. He started working in Milano as Product Designer for Gordon Guillaumier and as Furniture Designer for 3B in Milan, then he moved to Monaco to work for BMW. Afterwards he came back to Italy to work at Fratelli Guzzini and TVS and finally opened his own studio. Watch the interview

IED for Eureka_Midea

Midea asked IED students to develop a design project for the new vacuum cleaners line of the brand Eureka with three main goals: improving UX, increasing awareness among European consumers, and differentiating from competitors. After a careful market analysis, outlining a lack of diversification among brands, students presented a new design solution that is:

Cool: through its technology it engages consumers by allowing them to build their own set of tools

Funny: because it’s user friendly

Essential: because it’s reliable and seamless.

a project with a high social value

Ginevra Franchi and Davide Piersanti, two IED Milano students with a very special way of seeing design: a tool for enhancing people’s lives, especially in difficult environments. That’s why they went to Senegal and built a system to desalinate water using sun energy and to help the village inhabitants with agriculture.

IED for Vitasnella

Vitasnella, one of the most important Italian brands of mineral water, asked IED Milano Master’s students in Design to develop a strategic project addressed to millennials. The brief concerned the design of new labels and limited-edition accessories to catch Generation Y adopting a human-centred design approach to build a new relationship between customers and product.

Students started with an in-depth analysis of competitors and the target and designed the customer journey, keeping in mind the practical use of the bottle: how to carry it, how to keep it fresh, how to encourage the recycling, and the possible customisations.

Working in different groups, students presented different solutions, among which customised labels and innovative accessories inspired by modern social issues, recalling values such as human rights, sustainability, transparency, and respect for minorities.


Some of the companies and institutions students worked with:

Milan – Ferrarelle, Midea, Tecnargilla, Verallia, Ceres, TVS.

Turin – Arup, Officine Arduino, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc.

Florence – Fab Lab Toscana, Artex, Fondazione TEMA – Tecnologie per i Beni Culturali e l’Artigianato, Source – Mostra Internazionale di Design Auto prodotto.

visiting the 3m italia innovation center

Students from 4 IED Milano Master courses had the chance to visit 3M Italia headquarter, a leading center of innovation for technology, science and sustainability.
The visiting included speeches about design and product development, a tour of the company’s materials archive and the analysis of important case histories. Read more (italian).

project in collaboration with heinz beck

IED Roma students in Food Design Project Experience got the brief for their Final Projects from a very special tutor: the worldwide famous and awarded Chef Heinz Beck. The project aimed at designing a course to be included into the Chef’s menu. Check out the gallery to see the inspirational picture and some images of the students’ projects.
Learn more (article in Italian language)

from the master course to the job market

Career Service supports students in their contacts with the world of work through relationships with companies, agencies, freelancers, and a customised activity of tutoring. During their path, students can take advantage of a bespoke activity of support and monitoring. They also have the possibility to meet external companies and participate to selection interviews for activation of internships or collaborations once the study path is over.

Moreover every year IED organises the Career Days: targeted meetings with companies and agencies aimed at the selection and search of profiles to join their teams. Students have the chance to present their own works highlighting their motivation, creativity and aspirations.



ied master courses

They enhance participants’ profiles thanks to a project-based approach, specialized and technical trainings combined with transversal knowledge and managerial skills. Check out the Master courses’ educational offer: Master in Italy.

ferrarelle design lab

The brand Ferrarelle called IED Milano students to reinterpret its iconic pet bottle in order to engage customers in thinking a future life for the plastic bottle. The challenge was about sustainability, recycle and brand values.