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Summer and Winter Courses - Barcelona

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Today, not many people is not on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. However, a few know how to leverage social media to get the most out of their business or personal marketing strategy. Keep in mind that one of the essential issues to launch a project today is a proper online communication. For this reason, the goal of the Summer course in Social Media Management is to provide students with the necessary tools to position themselves in an appropriate manner in the new market. It is not enough with the corporate website as such, the image of the company is built from an studied interaction between the corporate site and the company profiles in different social networks.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    July 2020
  • Duration
    4 weeks
  • Attendance
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The course objectives are to provide the necessary tools for a person with a creative project to submit to the digital world in a coherent and powerful way. Know how to approach the contents of the message and find the best strategy to position the brand in different social networks. Measure and monitor what is being said about the company and the project on social networks.

Generate the necessary participation mechanisms to respond adequately to any complaints from users and encourage, amplify and spread the positive opinion of those user segments that are more fans of our brand. Knowing the basics of the Internet and the social web, the new business models in the digital age. Learn to use in a professional way all social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., develop a social media plan of the business project itself and position the brand in social networks using the latest 2.0 trends.

Online communication is a growing need in the business world, resulting in a greater demand for professionals with a knowledge of the social tools necessary to carry out communication strategies using the various online channels.


The course is approached from two sides: a general and theoretical one, which will discuss the basics of the Internet and the social web, in order for students to understand the power of Web 2.0 in the branding, the economy and society; and a much more practical one which show the potential of social networks (RRSS) as marketing and communication tools.

A proposed exercise is the realization of a social media plan or the possibility of being supervised properly for doing properly the introduction of the own brand on social networks.

Student´s profile

Aimed at freelancers who want to acquire the tools and strategies needed to position their own brand and / or web project. Graduates in marketing, communication or PR, and anyone who wishes to explore the profession and want to know all the secrets of managing online communities in a creative and innovative way.

Course Coordinator

José Miguel Serra Huelin

He has over 20 years experience with a variety of advertising agencies: Spanish (Agusti Partners, Plan Comunicación), international (Tiempo BBDO, Grupo DDB), conventional (Tandem DDB), retail (Pinnacle DDB), digital (Orbital BBDO, Tribal DDB, Plan Comunicación) and content (PAU Education).
He has always worked in the areas of account management (online and offline) and new business, and for clients such as Obra Social Fundación “la Caixa”, Catalunya Radio, Findus, Media Markt, Siemens, Bosch, Expo Zaragoza 2008, Daitsu, Home Englis, Lizipaina, Ausonia & Arbora, and Campina. Mr. Serra has a degree in information sciences from UAB, PDD (management development programme) from IESE – University of Navarre, postgraduate degree in digital communications from the Facultat Blanquerna, Technician in Community Management and Social Networks from the Instituto de Innovación Digital de las Profesiones (INESDI) and the Asociación Española de Responsables de Comunidad Online (AERCO).
He is currently working as a freelance consultant on WEB 2.0 and involved in-company training.


Duration and frequency
6th of July 2020
Frequency: 4 weeks
Timetable: Monday to Friday, 2-26th July from 4.40 p.m. to 9.40 p.m. // 27th July from 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.