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IED Barcelona is the only centre in Spain imparting the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Marketing and Communication validated by the University of Westminster. 

The BA Honours Fashion Marketing and Communication course at IED Barcelona aims to ensure that participants have the knowledge and understanding as well as the marketing and communication skills to work professionally. IED interdisciplinary approach enhanced by the strong relationship with the Fashion and Design Industry ascertain a vision where adaptability and efficiency display a relevant position.

The program specification might be changed in July 2021 due to the course currently being in revalidation with the University of Westminster. 

  • Credits
    360 UK
  • Start date
    October 2021
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
  • Language


This course offers an educational path that teaches students how to develop writing and articulation skills, along with capabilities of communication and presentation, negotiation and sale, self conscience and impact, as well as the aptitude for collaboration. The key work tools are research, conceptual development, visualisation and ideas prototyping, and projects presentation.

The first year of the course is focused on developing a rigorous approach to the acquisition of a broad knowledge base; employ a range of specialised skills; evaluate information, using it to plan and develop investigative strategies and to determine solutions to a variety of unpredictable problems; and operate in a range of varied and specific contexts, taking responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs.

During the second year, students generate ideas through the analysis of concepts at an abstract level with a command of specialised skills and the formulation of responses to well-defined and abstract problems; analyse and evaluate information; exercise significant judgement across a broad range of functions; and accept responsibility for determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes.

The third year emphasizes on review critically, consolidate and extend a systematic and coherent body of knowledge, utilising specialised skills across an area of study; critically evaluate concepts and evidence from a range of sources; transfer and apply diagnostic and creative skills and exercise significant judgement in a range of situations; and accept accountability for determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes.

Job Opportunities
- Fashion Editor
- Visual Merchandiser
- Press Office Manager
- Public Relations Management
- Product merchandiser
- Buyer
- Community Manager
- Fashion Consultor
- Design manager
- Product manager
- Fashion Event Organizer
- Fashion Journalist
- Entrepreneur
- Etc.
  • 1

    • Market Research

      The course aims to provide the necessary tools to cope with and analyse the market according to a client orientation logic and ensure that market research can be a tool that is useful on an operational level and not just in theory.

    • Fashion Marketing

      Starting from the basics of marketing in both theoretical and technical terms, the module deals with theories and strategies of commercial contexts, also covering the marketing mix and the role of businesses management in the establishment of a fashion brand.

    • Fashion Communication

      The communication chain and its applications to fashion Events of all types: from launching parties to runways, from select events to product communication, company blogs and customer care. Focus on Professional Presentations: Public speaking and portfolio creation to always manage company presentations, interviews and emphasize your skills correctly.

    • Textile Culture

    • Fashion Product

      Analysis of fashion system, production line and fashion product. General study of production line, sales and merchandising. Analysis of specifi c sectors of the fashion industry and their products. Basics on the creation of a fashion product, from design to fabric and up to the fi nished article.

    • Microsoft Office -Excel

    • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

      Laboratories to refine the skills in the Adobe Suite that will lead to a set of visual experiences and products. A project on a particular subject about the intriguing background of Florence.

    • Design Management

    • Fashion Publishing

    • Fashion Systems

    • Fashion Company Management

    • History of Art

    • History Of Fashion

      The evolution of styles and tastes in Western fashions from its origins to the mid- nineteenth century. In addition to providing a basic historical and cultural grounding, the course sets out to stimulate the development of the critical and analytical skills necessary for students to interpret contemporary trends.

    • Contemporary Fashion

      The course analyses the developments in contemporary fashion with the goal of identifying trends and modalities of communication in the fashion system. When studying trends and styles, the course touches upon historical cultural, social and economic developments in order to provide students with the tools necessary to understand contemporary fashion, its mechanisms, key personalities and the most relevant phenomena.

    • Fashion Merchandising

      By analysing the key concepts of brand management in fashion, the course gives awareness of the main distribution dynamics of a brand. It will cover the distribution system in fashion industry, unveiling its characteristics, typologies, professional figures, and commercial aspects. Starting from taxonomies of fashion merchandising, the course will provide students with key elements for the understanding of a distribution plan. This result will be achieved by analysing the different phases of the distribution system as key variable.

    • Fashion Marketing Project

    • Fashion Journalism

      The subject will give to the students the understanding of the key elements in editing publications: written contents, photos and design. The meaning: basic semiotics elements for analysis of images and design, design an edition in publications though the years and analysis of different editing styles. The students will be able to produceand edit publications for different formats.

    • Fashion Communication Project

    • Academic writing workshop

    • Great teams create fabulous projects workshop

  • 2

    • Advertising

    • Bellow the Line ( PR Events)

    • Digital Media Marketing & Communication

    • Budgeting

    • Adobe In Design

    • Video Languages

    • Video Techniques

    • Semiotics

    • Sociology

    • Lifestyle & Trends

    • Distribution System

      Through this course you analyse the distribution system within the fashion industry, becoming aware of the different distribution channels, of their market strategies and organisation system.

    • Retail Management

      The course is conceived to train professionals capable of giving life to a marketing plan containing new strategies and techniques. It is focused on the elements that determine and influence the purchasing experience of luxury goods consumers and has the aim of going into depth with the figure of Luxury Retail Store Management focused on managing the point of sale. During the course students will study how to determine a collection budget, analyse fashion stores’ financial performance, and develop management strategies to open and consolidate directly owned, franchising, and online boutiques.

    • Fashion Buying

      The course will analyze the buyer’s role within the fashion system: the professionals he/she relates to, typical activities, basic tools and personality features that best characterize the profession. Starting from an overview of the different types of fashion buying, the course will focus on the peculiar tasks of a buyer within the retail department of a high-end fashion/ luxury brand or as a wholesale/independent client purchasing from a fashion/luxury brand.

    • B2B and B2C Communication

    • Editorial Office

      Creation of an editorial office and production of a fashion magazine on print media or online. It will present topics related to current events and trends and include images students will have to find, reportages and articles.

    • Event Organization

      The necessary elements to create a succesful event: from tailoring the project to selecting locations, logistics, permits, catering and invites; everything an event manager needs to know.

    • Fashion Show

      The parade as the top expression of a brand style. How to plan a parade. The press office and its way of relating to the various actors in a parade: planning with the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, fashion designers, stylists, casting, location, make up artists, directors, music designers.

    • Digital Identity

    • Public speaking

    • Exploring Fashion History

    • Basic of Data Visualization

  • 3

    • Strategic Brand Management

    • International Markets

    • Marketing Ethics

    • Business Plan



    • Fashion Photography

      A transversal view of beauty and how fashion is communicated through images. A path of beauty and fashion perception analyzed through the most significant contributors of the field.

    • Fashion in Music and Cinema

    • ​Fashion Styling

      Fashion system and agenda, key factors and dynamics in the fashion industry, styling, image management, personal styling.

    • Marketing Strategy

      Marketing elements; Brand and Marketing Developments; Competitive Advantage; Project methodology and creativity

    • Personal Development Skills

    • Communication Strategy

      The main idea is to introduce students to the world of fashion communication by transferring all the knowledge and tools of strategic communication that allow students to design the direction of their own projects, to identify market opportunitiesand change them into a competitive advantage. Students will also see the different scale of each project, the people involved in each case, elements, media and materials that are normally part of each case (Press presentations, Ad Campaigns,PR, internet…). Students will be taught how to evaluate every project and how to develop specific strategies for each case. They will work on a system based on real samples/experiences.

    • Art Direction



Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Cristina Lastra

Cristina Lastra
Her collaborative nature and passion for sharing ideas and knowledge have made consulting and especially teaching, a natural outlet for years of accumulated experience and expertise in Brands and Communication. Cristina is in her element developing young talent and enjoys contributing to new, innovative projects and helping them come to life, particularly in creative industries.   

Gabriela Pedranti

Gabriela Pedranti
Gabriela Pedranti holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Buenos Aires and a MA in Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual Studies (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona). She’s been a lecturer at IED Barcelona since 2005 and from 2014 to 2018, she was the BA (HONS) Fashion Marketing and Communication Course Leader (validated by the University of Westminster) there. She also teaches at UPF. She’s worked as a communication consultant, journalist and translator/interpreter. She's the co-founder of SemioticaStudio, a cultural insights and semiotic research agency + network.      

José Guerrero

José Guerrero
After a period of training in the world of art and image, he began his professional activities in the fields of fashion and advertising, collaborating in creative departments as project coordinator for companies: Fulkrum (United Kingdom), Dcco-Levi's Europe, Ufo Denim (Italy) and Women'secret (Spain). He has also been in charge of the direction and management of communication projects (50_easy magazine) dedicated to the world of trends.

Edoardo Fano

Edoardo Fano
Italian law professor in London, UK (1992-1995) ; professor and legal consultant Intellectual Property in Barcelona and Milan (1996 -present) and EU projects in developing countries (2004 - today : Kazakhstan , Chile , India, Croatia); arbitrator WIPO ( Switzerland) for the settlement of disputes between trademarks and Internet domain names.

Jaume Vidiella

Jaume Vidiella
Fashion and beauty editor, Fashion Design Degree. Combines his activities of edition with styling and visual merchandising as well as teacher in topics of style and trends. He has collaborated with prestigious national companies and design studios as well as with emerging designers and for specialised magazines. Coordinator of the CSP in Fashion Styling.