Creative Methodology in Fashion Design



Start date

July 2023




On campus


3 Weeks

Learn a creative methodology to open a different perspective and vision of creating a fashion collection.

The Summer Course in Creative Methodology in Fashion Design shares a creative methodology and offers students a different approach to creating collections – one that draws on their own creative universe and ties it in with the world of fashion and haute couture

The course includes group assignments and special visits, putting together a personal impression of the final item, using sketches and careful research as key tools, as well as the option of producing a 3D item.

Information to decide



− Generate curiosity for each own creative universe.

− To teach an expense creative methodology to enrich each research arriving to the unusual.

− To provide knowledge about fashion tools such as the sketchbook, to know how to order the ideas in a professional way.

− To teach through the amazing world of prints a very personal and playful print to include in the collection.

− To give independence to the students to create through technics such as draping (moulage) a final garment.

The course provides the opportunity to discover each own creative universe, which makes us distinct and unique among the rest, through different methods and exercises. There will also be a mystery trip, in order to broaden the research.

Moulage is put into practice with an easy-going, method-based approach, setting the foundations of your own collection, enriching research with prints and embroidery.

With special emphasis on creating a personal, unique, yet professional collection, some exercises are developed on teams, as luxury fashion emerges from teamwork, blending all elements to enrich the final garment.

This course is for professionals or students of several fields related to design interested in obtaining an approach to the fashion research processes. It’s also open to curious people fascinated by the fashion field and ready to live a unique experience.

Career opportunities

The introductory nature of the course favours the use and adaptation of its content to various professional opportunities according to the profile and prior experience of the students.