Start date

July 2023




On campus


15 days

Understanding the complexity of the fashion industry is an essential step towards finding creative solutions in terms of strategy, marketing and branding to secure more effective brand positioning.

The Summer Course in Fashion Marketing focusses on the know-how and tools required to develop a comprehensive fashion marketing and communication project. This means analysing commercial opportunities and strategic management, including brand identity and image, international expansion, the search for collaborators, communication, etc.

The sector is currently seeing a global rise in competition, forcing both major corporations and emerging SMEs to become more professional and specialized.

The course comprises theoretical lectures with case studies posed by real companies, professional talks and the chance to develop a personal project.

Information to decide



– Foster creativity in business.

– Prepare the student to deal with real situations with coherence and professionalism.

– Contemplate the activities necessary to develop a comprehensive marketing and communication project in fashion marketing and communication, from conceptualisation to commercialisation.

The development of the didactic sessions, modules and exercises of the intensive course aim to imitate the professional process and management of a fashion project. Following this approach, the course is structured into different types of didactic sessions: theoretical classes, case studies and personal projects.

In a professional context, to analyse and deepen into experiences performed by in-sector companies, is an essential learning. It is not about imitating their strategies, but analysing their fundamentals, applications, repercussion, market, etc., to deduce enough knowledge and analysis to face own challenges with confidence and knowledge.

Experimental lessons: projects

The goal of every Summer Course at IED is to end up developing professional projects, and that is why, all through the course, several practical exercises will be developed, revealing that the follow-up of the course is performed by “work in progress” dynamics. This activities will become a relevant initial contact with real cases that we can find in the professional world.


Some of the subjects, which have a high practical content, will be performed by workshops, practicing fundamental elements such as well-planned work teams, observing the defined briefing for each session.


Throughout the course, didactics will be completed with professional lectures, which put in touch our students with professionals from top-leading companies of the field. Undoubtedly, it is a unique opportunity to learn and contact with professionals from the different fields of fashion.

This course is aimed at fashion and accessories designers that have their own brand and wish to enhance their marketing knowledge, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a 360º proposal that is aligned with the current competitive context.

It is also designed for entrepreneurs and designers in the world of fashion and accessories who intend to launch a brand.

Professional Opportunities


Upon completion of the course and depending on the profile and previous experience of the student, possible career opportunities are:

– Fashion and/or Accessories Designers with their own brand.

– Entrepreneurs who wish to launch a fashion brand.