Postgrado Marketing Digital | © Estudiante: Elisa Santiago



Start date

October 2023




On campus


3 Months


20 IED (160 Horas)



In a key context of digital transformation in the daily and intensive use of the Internet, we have changed our consumption habits very quickly. Companies and institutions are aware of this and try to adapt to -or anticipate- this reality.

A program that establishes the conceptual foundations of the basic principles when designing the digital marketing strategy, understanding consumer behaviour and knowing how to act in the social environment of any company or institution, understanding new usage habits or instant messaging platforms. All of this framing important practical cases, guided by marketing professionals and digital conversion. 
The level of automation and digitalization that digital marketing has achieved in the last 2 years leads us to conceptualize effective marketing as being led and managed by data, so this program will lead us to understand and implement the latest Data Driven Marketing techniques, which will allow us to design more effective campaigns based on user behaviour and data, the area of web analytics and campaign results, which form the cornerstone of the development of the program. 

With its mixed format, this degree will allow all students to learn, participate and be part of the IED community in person, in physical and virtual classrooms, and remotely.

Information to decide

This IED Madrid postgraduate is based on the values of interdisciplinary training that will complement your previous knowledge and focus on enhancing your skills. In this way, you will achieve a unique profile in the job market and have an attractive CV.

• Provide basic, specific and practical knowledge to offer the necessary technical training so that students learn how to manage marketing and communication on the Internet and social media. 
• Provide the basic knowledge to understand how Social Business affects all digital business processes and how to implement them. 
• Get to know the basic principles of digital creativity and social media and its importance in an environment where singularity is fundamental to make any defined digital strategy relevant and attractive. 
• Learn how to plan different digital marketing initiatives depending on the specific objectives to be achieved. 
• Have an overview of the reality of the current digital environment. 
• Gain the ability to conceptualize a digital marketing plan. 
• Know and apply the basic principles of Data Driven Marketing, from web analytics to the importance of attribution models to define the most effective marketing campaigns for each segment of the public. 

Professional Opportunities
• Marketing Managers, e-commerce, SEO specialists and any other tool that relies on the digital environment.
• Account and Product Manager in a marketing department or advertising agency
• Social Media Manager within the communication or marketing department of a company or institution
• Social Media Manager in a communication agency or strategic consultant in social networks
• Advertising Creatives who need to know how digital marketing works and the new concepts of Social Business
• Digital and Social Strategy Designer in a new online business or e-commerce platform
• Freelance Online Planning Consultant
• Sales Manager, online sales


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