Design Experience



Start date

July 2024




On campus


3 Weeks


90 Hours

Discover various approaches and types of design, developing interdisciplinary projects with renowned professionals.

The Design Experience Summer Course is an intensive, full immersion, practice-based learning experience in the different fields of contemporary design.

Each week of the 3-week course, taught in English, focuses on one particular discipline, the workflows involved, the history, context and techniques used, etc. 

As part of the learning process you’ll develop a specific weekly project to acquire an intimate understanding of each particular field.

Information to decide

The ideal introduction to the various fields of design in a dynamic, practice-based course.

You’ll develop three different projects during the course, with a new project each week on the subject being studied.

In the first, you’ll take a close look at graphic design and visual communication, studying subjects like brand image theory, while gaining practical experience with tools such as the different types of design programs. You’ll conclude the first section with a visual communication project. 

In the second week you’ll step into the world of product and interior design. You’ll discover the tools used and the stages involved in an interior design project, and develop sketches and product models. After a brief introduction on the history of furniture and Design Thinking, you’ll develop your own home design project.

The third and final week focuses on fashion design. You’ll learn the importance of concept development, about different fabrics, and how the industry might evolve for a more sustainable future. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to create your own prototype.

If you want to find out about different design disciplines by developing design projects with the help of experts in their fields, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in this course. 

If required, course organisers may ask candidates for their CVs as part of the selection process.

It’s a great opportunity to discover the ins and outs of different design languages, not just in theory but also in practice. 

This short but intensive course gives you hands-on experience in different design disciplines, so you can see which particular field or fields you find most interesting if you decide to continue your studies.



Understanding what is visual communication and graphic design.
What is brand identity? Creating a brand.
Communication through design.
Using your creativity as a tool.
History and sources of interest.
Introduction to different design programs.
Development of a Communication Design project.


Introduction to the world of interior and product design.
Tools and Stages in Interior Design Projects: materializing Ideas and Concepts. Strategies.
The early stages of Design: Plans, Sketches, Moodboards and Models.
Space Furniture History.
Introduction to Design Thinking.
Development of a Home design project.


Introduction to the fashion Design process.
Presentation + Research + Ideas + Individual
Workshop Planning.
Understanding the importance of Concept
Development .
Hands on! Prototype Construction + Dossier Design.
The use of fabrics in the garment industry.
Sustainability in the fashion world.