Start date

January 2025






6 Months

Course Coordination

Roberto Chieppa


3.150 €

The course to acquire a comprehensive and informative overview to start a career in the industry.

6-month intensive course to understand consumer psychology and influence purchasing behaviour

The world of marketing is vast, complex and ever-changing. Operating competently in this field means mastering a number of different and related skills and tools at the same time. The course aims to address every aspect of the profession, paying particular attention to the dynamics of the digital world, including pricing management, e-commerce, and the customer experience.

The very nature of marketing has changed and companies must innovate their processes, channels and strategies in order to maintain their long-term competitive position. In this context, you can position yourself as an expert to successfully drive change.

Information to decide

At the end of the course you will carry out a business project simulation

The course is divided into 5 specific modules during which topics will be addressed of increasing intensity. The processes of product/service development will be studied by analysing key marketing concepts such as target segmentation, branding and design thinking. Then the more technical aspects of ADV and communication will be addressed, from Google Analytics to influencer marketing. A specific segment will be devoted to sustainability, in order to understand the characteristics of B-Corp and benefit corporations.

Do you want to work as a Marketer in an agency or company and are you looking for comprehensive and specific training? This course is the answer. Thanks to a practical, step-by-step teaching method you will create and consolidate your technical and cultural background to create your professional profile.

No previous training is necessary, but passion, interest and strong motivation are required.

Four reasons to choose this course:

●      In addition to the key concepts of marketing, product promotion and ADV logics, a module will also be devoted to soft skills, such as writing a business plan and managing a start-up;
●      Highly qualified lecturers active in the field of marketing will impart tangible knowledge and first-hand experience. Partners from previous years include Club Med, Cartier, Prime Video;
●      Classes are provided on public speaking, an indispensable quality for a Marketer to be able to present projects in a successful and professional manner;
●      Participants will have the opportunity to create a business project simulation at the end of the course, demonstrating the skills learnt during the training programme.


The course of study is structured in 5 different modules in which product/service development, ADV and communication, omnichannel and customer experience, soft skills and marketing innovation will be addressed.


Roberto Chieppa

Course Coordinator

Manfredi Pedone

Founder Plan Be srl

Federico Filippa

Alessio Albano

Andrea Banfi

Alessandra Marinacci

Francesca Mainardi

Michele Ieri

EMEA Marketing Operation Director Lenovo & Motorola

Lavinia Garulli