Laurea Triennale in Fashion Marketing - IED Milano



Start date

October 2024


Full time


On campus


3 Years

Course Coordination

Valentina Rainone

The Fashion Marketing Undergraduate Programme delivered at IED Milano will introduce you to the world of marketing as a tool of creative communication

The world of fashion involves a variety of subjects evolving and progressing year after year. Our training programme, which is constantly being improved to meet growing market needs, will allow you to become familiar with a broad range of subjects including brand management, marketing ethics, digital communication and the history of contemporary art and fashion.

This multidisciplinary programme with so many areas of interaction will help you turn your love for fashion into a highly qualified job, whether you want to work as a professional in business management for some top fashion firms or create your own brand.

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Fashion is one of the highest and fullest expressions of our society today. That’s why we believe that being part of this world is probably one of the most exciting things you can do, as you come up with innovative solutions to challenging situations. Here's what is waiting for you with the three-year degree programme in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano.

The three-year programme in Fashion Marketing at IED Milan stands out for its strategic and creative approach to prepare you for a wide variety of roles in marketing and communication. These include Brand & Communication Specialist, Merchandising Specialist, Product Manager, Retail & Store Specialist, Fashion Buyer and Digital Coordinator.

What these different roles have in common is the ability to read and understand the fashion industry across the whole cultural, historical and social context. You will develop cultural awareness and learn about techniques and methods to successfully manage your projects of innovative marketing and strategic communication, with a special focus on the digital world, social media and all of the key factors that have been strongly impacting the fashion industry in recent years, including ethics and sustainability.

The Fashion Marketing degree programme delivered at IED in Milano aims to develop your creativity, as it provides the best tools for you to work as a key connection between your company and its target market. You will get in touch with industry professionals who can help you develop and grow. And upon completing the programme, you will feel confident enough to manage a marketing plan with full responsibility and a critical thinking approach.

The three-year programme in Fashion Market at IED Milano is the best option for students who want to explore marketing not just in terms of market metrics and business research, but also as a tool to communicate and convey the emotional values of a product. You will also understand that marketing is a powerful tool when used creatively, as it can build a sense of community, customer loyalty and trust.

This is definitely the best degree programme if you want to experience practical learning from real business cases since your very first year. With your lecturers being like real tutors by your side, you will work to solve marketing and communication problem scenarios throughout the whole process, from the first customer brief to the presentation of data and results.

Over the three years of study, you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Fashion Marketing in all its many different aspects. This will give you a better understanding of all the roles available in the industry, especially the one of Product Manager, requiring excellent creative skills combined with a quantitative approach. Other roles include the Retail & Store Specialist, who is responsible for physical and digital sales channels, or the Fashion Buyer, a strategic figure who deals with the selection and sourcing of multichannel distribution collections, shop fitting design as well as multichannel distribution management with all its key business variables.

The strength of the Fashion Marketing degree programme at IED Milano stands in its methods, based on learning by doing. With this programme you will not just attend theory-based educational activities, but also practical training events, seminars, workshops and laboratories. 

The great thing about studying at IED is that you will come into contact with students and professionals from other class groups and courses, and this will help you develop a multidisciplinary approach and enhance teamwork skills. In particular, you will be given the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals from the fashion industry such as Jewellery Designers, Fashion Stylists and Fashion Designers. All of this background will give you a deeper understanding of aesthetics, brand image and the products you want to place on the market.

Restricted classes will also allow you to have a direct and regular contact with faculty and school. You will also have the opportunity to make full use of academic knowledge, laboratories and equipment available to you. The teaching methods of this course are constantly improved and updated by a faculty of selected professionals and recognized experts.

Our programme aims to provide training for a variety of future Fashion Marketing professionals, who will take the roles of Brand & Communication Specialist, Merchandising Specialist, Product Manager, Fashion Buyer, Retail & Store Specialist, Digital Coordinator. On your three-year degree programme in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano,you will have the opportunity to understand fashion as a system of market trends and requirements. With the help of specific knowledge and tools, including market research and analysis, business planning, budgeting, social and viral marketing, consumer psychology and brand analysis, you will learn how to carry out a complete analysis of products, consumers and the industry as a whole.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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first year

On your first year, you will have the opportunity to explore the cultural background of your future career, approaching key technical skills and becoming familiar with basic project design methods and tools. Indeed, the aim of the first year is for you to start developing confidence and know-how to successfully manage your work flow and creativity.

Marketing methods

Fashion management
Fashion marketing 1
Textile culture
Fashion media
Style, history of arts and costume
History of fashion 1
Computer graphics 1

second year

On your second year of study, you will be given the opportunity to expand your cultural background and build on technical know-how from the first year. You will also develop a deeper awareness combined with strong critical thinking skills, taking an active role throughout all the phases involved in your project development assignments.

History of fashion 2
Phenomenology of fashion
Fashion product
Brand management
Fashion retail 1
Multimedia communication
Fashion marketing 2
Computer graphics 2
Marketing ethics

third year

The third year is when students learn how to work independently on projects of their own, developing a style and a personal approach to fashion. Special emphasis will also be placed on enhancing your individual skills to help you successfully move into the job market. And the highlight of your degree program will be your final dissertation project: this is your opportunity to practice all of your skills and knowledge, working on a project of your own with your unique design style and your creative personal identity.

Fashion retail 2
Digital media marketing
Visual culture
Business management
Fashion marketing 3
History of fashion 3


Valentina Rainone

CFO Global at Wolford

Course Coordinator

Manuela Colombini

Co-founder Strategist & Client Manager of M2 Consultancy Srl

Marco Basta

Visual Artist

Caterina Migliore

Senior Product Manager

Viviana Musumeci

Journalist and lecturer

Emanuela Franzese

Visual Merchandising Consultant

Alessandro Turci

Stylist and Art Director

Letizia Buoso


Marco Valerio Izzo

Chief Financial Officer and Board Member - Buzzoole

Fabio Foschi

Professional Consultant in Business Management and University Lecturer in Management Economics

Simona Bertoli

Communication consultant and lecturer

Davide Tran

CEO AdKaora

Salvatore Limblici

Strategy, Marketing and Communication Consultant

Marta Sannito

Fashion Consultant

Andrea Piccone

Italy Country Manager -Cuatroochenta

Erika Serafin

Career Counselor