Digital Art Direction



Start date

January 2024




On campus


1 Year

Course Coordination

Max Giovagnoli, Andrea Caperni


12.600 €

Learn how to design visual and interactive projects, interfaces, applications and communication campaigns with the Master's Course in Digital Art Direction at IED Roma

Gain insight, solid technical skills and the ability to experiment with creative and technological solutions to develop new media content, works and experiences.

The Master's Course in Digital Art Direction at IED Roma will help you develop the skills you need to deliver the right mix of aesthetic taste and effective brand/market solutions, as you coordinate the different areas involved in creating visual and audiovisual identities. 

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Designing, producing and managing projects with innovative visual identity.

The Master's Course in Digital Art Direction at IED Roma consists of lectures, practical sessions, project work and interviews with industry professionals, combined with a variety of workshops where you will be able to develop strong project management and executive production skills.

You will learn how to build and expand your personal new media creativeness. This will be your main tool to understand how important it is to take different perspectives and ways of thinking into consideration: the more you have, the more you develop taste and design skills.

This Master's Course seeks to train up knowledgeable, technically prepared professionals who can create and manage complex projects and campaigns integrated into new media.

The Master's Course in Digital Art Direction at IED Roma is designed for those like you who have always wanted to lead creative digital projects but are not happy with the technical skills acquired so far on your studies. This programme is just for you if you are looking for a new type of training that will allow you to make your dream come true. 

It is intended for students with undergraduate education in the areas of Communication, New Media, Film-making and TV, Branding, Art and Graphics. Good knowledge of static graphics programmes will be a prerequisite.

The Master's Course in Digital Art Direction at IED Roma provides hands-on training and a great opportunity to approach right away the world of work, with our partner companies being constantly involved in project design activities, thus providing prompt feedback to students in the classroom. To some extent, attending this programme is something like doing a digital internship.

It will be hard work, but your achievements will be the results of your efforts straightaway, and you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with your colleagues, including on planning sessions and when your lecturers are not present. You will learn through the power of team work, on a peer basis and very hands-on.

You will only learn from the best faculty and industry partners who work daily within the world of entertainment, be it film making, branding, art, fashion, publishing and creative industry distribution (festivals, comicons, scheduling, toy, gadget and licensing markets).


Study programme

On your training path, you will become familiar with knowledge and tools of Art Direction, Marketing & Advertising, Production Management and Design, across a variety of application areas.

The last months of your training will be focused on the Final Dissertation, which will involve the development and management of a multiplatform creative project based on your own original ideas.


Max Giovagnoli

Transmedia Storyteller, Story Architect, Media Designer

Course Coordinator

Andrea Caperni

Design Director at Sketchin

Course Coordinator

Dario Cevoli

Giovanni Campus

Eva Carducci

Francesco Giuliani

Art Director

Valentina Moroni

Visual Merchandiser and window dresser

Irene Gambelli

​Alessandro Risuleo

Franz Rosati

Electronic Musician, Sound & Visual Artist, Creative Technologist

Patrizia Boglione

Creative Director at Translated

Maria Grazia Cilenti

Design Director

Ilaria Merola

Giusy Santoro

Marketing Director

Letizia Geron

Film Marketing Manager

Martina Carta

Vito Iorio

Sara Lecci

Stylist consultant and Personal shopper

Lorenzo Terragna

Orfeo Quarenghi

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