Graphic Design - Master's Program IED Roma



Start date

November 2024




On campus


11 Months

Course Coordination

Francesco Giuliani

Start on a path of excellence in Graphic Design for culture and entertainment with IED Roma's Master's Program in Graphic Design.

This Master's Program offers an experience dedicated to the different dimensions of graphic design, supervised by professionals of the highest level in constant dialogue with the extraordinary city of Rome, a place where the signs of every era have been stratified over time.   

You will explore visual communication from the typeface to the city. From designing the building blocks of the graphics - the characters of a font - to the development of a community communication project for city spaces, including communication campaigns for the creative industry, artists' books and publishing projects.    

During a true immersion in the world of graphics, you will acquire advanced technical skills and discover the power of graphics to mould ideas and emotions. Through intensive workshops, you will learn how to handle graphic languages with an in-depth view encompassing creativity, art direction and communication dynamics and to develop complex projects and integrated campaigns in various media. 

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The Master's Program to create the future of visual communication 

In the Master's Program in Graphic Design in Rome we explore graphic design in a practical way. The structure of the course is modelled on the organisation of a design studio. This will enable you to acquire a wide range of skills and to develop projects of increasing complexity.  

The design workshops are the beating heart of the educational programme. They will give you the opportunity to immediately apply the notions imparted during the theoretical lessons and to acquire all the necessary skills to create visual content, coordinate Brand Identity processes and manage complex projects and integrated campaigns. 

You will tackle fascinating topics, from the analysis of logos and typefaces to the visual communication of cultural projects. The culmination of the educational programme will be the final thesis: you will develop a project to improve the use of services or common spaces in the city. 

If you are passionate about the world of visual communication and wish to elevate skills previously acquired in graphic design and related disciplines to a higher level, the Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Roma is the course for you. 

The course is aimed at students and professionals with an academic background in fields such as graphic design, illustration, advertising communication, architecture, set design, product and interior design. You are also welcome if you have equivalent professional experience in the subject area of the course. 

The Master's Program is designed to expand your education in the field of visual communication, in a unique multidisciplinary context, enabling you to manage graphic languages with a comprehensive vision encompassing creativity, art direction and communication dynamics. 

It is important to have a good command of vector graphics and photo editing software in order to actively participate in the educational programme. 

The Master's Program in Graphic Design in Rome is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of graphic design, offering a comprehensive and advanced training course. The course is characterised by an innovative and practical approach, led by professional lecturers and industry partners, who will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to meet the challenges of contemporary graphic design. Accompanying you along this path will be, together with the coordinator Francesco Giuliani, professionals of the calibre of Alessio D'Ellena, Type Designer who has worked for famous brands, Valerio Bulla, Art Director in the Roman music industry, and the multidisciplinary designers of Næssi Studio.  

This Master Course is more than just a training course. It is a creative workshop where you can experience for yourself the complete process that transforms the design and creative essence of an idea into an image, from concept to reproduction.
 It constitutes an immersive and in-depth exploration of theories, methods and graphic languages as well as materials and techniques to stimulate in the Graphic Designer an innovative approach to finding sustainable solutions. 

Upon completion of the Master's Program, you will be ready for a versatile and challenging professional future. You will be able to emerge as a Graphic Designer in different working contexts such as design studios, creative companies or communication agencies, helping to transform ideas into effective visual projects. 

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 



The Master's Program in Graphic Design at IED Roma is an engaging and structured journey through a educational programme designed to transform your passion for graphic design into advanced and professional skills. 

The course opens with an introductory stage aimed at building a solid methodology for addressing the research and concept phases and then deals with four themes and design areas: 

-        Logotype and Typeface 
-        Artist's Book 
-        Visual Communication in the Creative Industry 
-        Cultural/Artistic Publishing Project 

The culmination of the educational programme is the thesis project: you will design and implement graphic and visual communication for city services. 



Francesco Giuliani

Art Director

Course Coordinator

Federico Baldassarre

Communication Designer

Alessio D'Ellena

Valerio Bulla

Eleonora Carbone e Alessandro D'Angeli

Paola Pompili