Start date

January 2025




On campus


4 Months


€ 1.800

Become a Clo3D expert: learn how to design, make and test garments and accessories virtually. Create collections in real time with a fast and sustainable process.

The fashion supply chain is poised for transformation. Be at the forefront of change.

As a result of the software, garments and accessories can be fully visualised in three dimensions without the use of fabric or materials, without waste, and with the ability to review and modify the completed work in real time.

Thanks to the skills acquired during training, you will be able to navigate Clo3D with ease and create original as well as innovative collections.

The course aims to train people specialised in the creation of three-dimensional prototypes ready for placement within companies in the fashion, clothing and accessories sector.

Information to decide

Savings, convenience and practicality: these are the factors that make Clo3D an increasingly popular working tool.

Training consists of both theoretical and practical components. It starts with learning the tools and basics of the software, with exercises on basic standard garments. This first phase provides an introduction to customising garments by importing materials and using colours, as well as customising the background and avatar that wears them.

Following this, you will be introduced to more advanced techniques focusing on materials, garment accessories, use of graphics, and animations. In the final project, you will develop a personal portfolio of work, which will include a true fashion design, from the conceptual phase to the final execution of the garment.

The course is aimed at professionals or aspiring professionals in the fashion industry interested in enhancing their professional profile through the acquisition of new digital design skills.

Clo3D's specific knowledge is a winning business card for accessing desirable job positions. It allows Stylists and Fashion Designers to optimise their business right from the start.

Applicants should possess a basic understanding of the graphic programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, technical drawing and CAD, as well as the main 2D and 3D software programs (Photoshop, Autocad, Rhinoceros or 3DStudio Max), as well as experience in the design of products and spaces.

Why start the Clo3D - Fashion Design Software course?

  1. It is a new software that requires a new level of expertise. The fashion industry is embracing the potential of digital production. In fact, the market is in need of specialised experts who are proficient in the use of these new platforms.
  2. It is a software that allows companies to optimise time and reduce waste to zero. Clo3D offers a concrete solution towards more sustainable production in an industry that is currently among the most polluting.
  3. It is a software at the forefront of an ever-expanding market. When it comes to establishing or maintaining a competitive position in tomorrow's fashion industry, mastering the techniques and potential of tools such as Clo3D is essential.


In the training course you will be followed step by step to learn how to design and present digital garments and accessories with the software, as well as how to use the renderings produced for placing prints, embroidery or any other type of application and intervention useful for fashion design.