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18th edition - The course works as a creative laboratory that guides participants to the progressive acquisition of a clear project development methodology applied to the Made in Italy know-how. Working in the the fashion system in Italy means working within a definite and unique environment that implies the
combination of design, style, manufacturing and society changes, that made history.

Participants improve their ability in exploring fashion trends, combining theoretical knowledge and awareness of Italian design with creativity and defining a strong and innovative fashion language in terms of ideas, shapes, textiles, colors and production processes.

They enhance their creative talents by practising on 4 different thematic workshops dedicated to Womenswear, Menswear, Bespoke, and Contemporary. These projects provide students with high-level tailoring methods, research and project development tools, in order to meet the market needs of the future.

  • Start date
    January 2021
  • Duration
    1 Year
  • Attendance
  • Language

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Target - The Master in Fashion Design welcomes students with an Honours Degree in Fashion Design and designers operating in the sector who feel the need to improve and/or update according to contemporary approaches of research and design. To gain access to the course it is essential to know well the techniques of Fashion Design: modeling and tailoring, technical drawing, Photoshop e Illustrator.

Professional opportunities - Today, the career path of a Fashion Designer can develop in many different contexts. As specialists in the creative process of different kinds of apparel, they can collaborate with wholesalers, manufacturers or individual clients, or they can promote their own brands and designs. 

Methodology and structure - The course is structured in complementary modules aimed at applying the design methodology to the 4 thematic workshops. Students deal with the different phases of the design process, supported by Project Leaders during the development of each project. In parallel, a series of preliminary courses and nurture courses are aimed respectively at being aligned to same cultural and creative design tools and at fostering the personal and professional growth of each student.

Conferences and visits to companies and centres of cultural interest give students the opportunity to meet industry professionals and to apply different cultural influences to their projects.

Results of the Final Project are presented at the end of the course to a commission consisting of industry professionals and experts.


  • Syllabus

    • Fashion Culture

      The course tells about contemporary fashion through ideas, thoughts and works of the icons who influenced the history of modern costume, and those “new” names who are going to write the future of fashion. Furthermore, it would be very remarkable by gained a strong sense of image, being able to create links between different contexts and sources of inspirations.

    • Methodology of Project Development

      The course proposes an update on contemporary methodology for an integrated development process of a creative product and leads to the adoption of results to a valid Design concept.

    • Fashion Sociology and Trends

      We are in a continuous evolution but towards where are we moving, how are we doing it, and which are the tools used and will be used in the next future is known by few. By studying social phenomena and processes, it is possible to anticipate actions and analyze how they are applied in the fashion world; discover what different future scenarios changes will transform the relationship between people and products.

    • Project Development Workshops

      Womenswear, Menswear, Bespoke, Contemporary.

    • Personal Design

      The course develops creativity and technical skills of students within the womenswear and menswear collections: use of colour, 3D sense and silhouette, sensitivity to fabric and material, aptitude for fashion drawing. 

    • Lab Materials and Textiles and Lab Realization

      Goal of this teaching is the knowledge of textiles and materials and of their correct use within the 4 workshops. Students learn how to make materials best represent their collections.

    • Textile Methodology Knit Lab

      Goal of this teaching is the knowledge of textiles and materials and of their correct use within the development of womenswear and menswear collections. 

    • History of Fashion Photography

      Exploring the styles and lives of the leading exponents of fashion photography, so as to evaluate their impact on the imagery projected by fashion itself and to make a technical analysis of their style of composition, the influences they exert on one another and their role as trend catalysts.

    • Communication

      With an overview on Social, E-Commerce and E-mail marketing the course provides students with insight and knowledge on marketing their own business, building their brand and engaging with customers using creative online marketing strategies, digital advertising and creative content creation.

    • Visual Language

      This course provides an overview of the contaminations existing among art, fashion, illustration, costume, ballet, music and literature. The main objective is empowering students to develop their ability to better understand the roots and the contemporary growth of the visual language, mainly on fashion.

    • Vocational Guidance

      The program helps students to focus on their career objectives as well as to enhance their own self-presentation skills by giving them all the support to create their curriculum with tips about how to behave during a professional interview.

    • Presentation Techniques

      Prepare, design and delivery the presentation: what's the purpose? Who is it addressed to? By helping the students to improve their body-language, self-confidence and positive attitude, this course provides all the knowledge necessary to deliver an effective oral presentation.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Fabio Di Nicola - Course Coordinator

Fabio Di Nicola - Course Coordinator
Stylist for his own menswear brand founded in 1988. At the same time he is a consultant and collaborates with important fashion companies. He made garments for the Wim Wenders film Palermo shooting, A perfect day by Ferzan Ozpetek, Different from those, Albakiara. In 2008 he designed the official uniform of Bologna F.C. He has also collaborated with artists in the music field including the Subsonica, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Solis Quartet.

Veronica Foschi

Veronica Foschi
She graduated from Polytechnic of Milan in Industrial Design with a Final Project about the definition of new communication languages. She has always been working in graphic illustration and photography.

Lia Mondina

Lia Mondina
She has graduated at the Saint Martin’s School of Art in Fashion Design and Textiles with a specialization in knitwear. She collaborates as a freelance Designer at the Giorgio Armani and Max Mara knitwear collections and designs the Verri men's and women's knitwear collections. She is a trend researcher for spinning mills and for companies operating in the textile and jersey sector, for which she follows the development of their collections. She designs and develops knitting stitches for industrial machines.

Angelo Montanini

Angelo Montanini
He is an internationally renowned Illustrator who boasts amongst his collaborations important publishing houses such as Rusconi, Mondadori, Longanesi and Editrice Nord. Since the 80s, he has been dealing with illustration-related training in the fashion becoming one of the major experts of the area.

Serena Sala

Serena Sala
Sociologist and Visual Communication Consultant, she has been working in fashion and communication for over twenty years. She is currently collaborating with one of the major international bureaux de style making trend forecast for specific areas in many different sectors.

Margherita Abbozzo

Margherita Abbozzo
Graduated in Art History and then in Fine Arts at the Byam Shaw Art School in London. She writes on contemporary art, photography and science for numerous Italian and international art and photography publications. She’s also a teacher, keeps a visual blog for a radio station and runs art classes and workshops. Her works are in public and private collections in Italy, England and America and her books are in the permanent collections of TATE Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Valentina Bocciardi

Valentina Bocciardi
She collaborates with Vogue and other international publication, such as Purple and W Magazine and she works as Consultant for stylists such as Trussardi, Cavalli, Etro, and Luisa Beccaria. She collaborated with L'Uomo Vogue and took part to campaigns for several important clients, among which Bulgari, Moncler, Cerruti, Tod's, Coca-Cola, Fratelli Rossetti, and Piquadro.

Irene Cinus

Irene Cinus
She learned sartorial craftsmanship in Sardinia. Since she has moved to Milano, Irene has worked with fashion brands such as Gianfranco Ferrè and Moschino, and cutting-edge Fashion Designers, such as Carol Christian Poell. While her core activity revolves around patternmaking, tailoring and dressmaking, she is devoted to textile manipulation and artisanal experimentation, like embroidery, needlecraft and beading to create samples and collections. For the last ten years, she has also been involved in higher education.

Stefano Guerrini

Stefano Guerrini
He started his career writing on various fashion magazines, in particular on Donna monthly magazine, L’Uomo Vogue, MF Fashion and also on website of GQ Italia Magazine. He has then become Fashion Director of the bilingual quarterly magazine Label. In 2005 he has started collaborating as Fashion Journalist for Made 05 free-press magazine, then renamed MadeWithStyle, and from November 2010 he’s become its Fashion Editor. He also collaborates with EFF,, e and in 2010 he has founded his own blog.