Preservar la biodiversidad desde el diseño de producto y de transporte


19 July 2023

Students presented solutions with the aim of contributing to the preservation of ecosystems

“Biodiversity, how to preserve our future” was the theme chosen this year to articulate the development of the final thesis projects by students of the Bachelor’s Degrees in Product Design and Transportation Design from IED Barcelona.

The students presented various solutions with the aim of contributing to the preservation of ecosystems, an essential condition to guarantee our future on the planet, at a pop-up event held on 14 June in the ANIMA studio in Barcelona, founded by IED alumnus Diego Quiroga.

Among the outstanding proposals in Product Design, projects ranging from the best thesis by Gina Bastero, Maiko, an autonomous robot that inoculates a mycorrhizal solution to regenerate depleted crop areas, to Art-Affect by Jeroen Hoogstra, a submersible structure that enhances coral growth and facilitates its expansion with the aim of putting an end to reef degradation, were exhibited.

Also in the field of the Blue Economy, and with a view to protecting the health of marine ecosystems, Mina Barchi presented the result of Plastic Nostrum, a filter system for microplastic-contaminated marine waters, inspired by terracotta.

Other Product Design projects on show in this space were a poncho that can be converted into a sleeping bag with the aim of meeting the immediate housing needs of those affected by natural disasters such as the earthquake that occurred last February in Turkey (Cucun by Peri Zeynep), and a palette that explores the untapped colours of steel and its natural ability to produce iridescent structural tones (Noble by Alysha Sara Vergis).

In terms of Transportation Design, in addition to the best thesis by Youssef Omar, Polestar Negative, which proposes a vehicle designed around carbon capture for further processing and use against soil desertification and the promotion of diversity, several creations were presented. Among these are a versatile agricultural vehicle that includes access to a platform of specialised tools and equipment (Bortom by Joan Izcara), and a multi-purpose utility vehicle suitable for working in extreme weather conditions (RAM Phoenix by Javier Roig).

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