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The course in Media Design trains artists and professionals who are able to combine skills and knowledge and languages of the multimedia technology applications for different situations in the field of contemporary visual communication. Graduates acquire a solid base in the use of digital technology, in order to manage their own creativity in developing the contents and innovative groundbreaking languages, applicable to all sectors of multimedia communication.

Professional profiles: ideation and production of audio visual production, multimedia publishing, communication in the field of telecom networks (internet/intranet, mobile /smartphones /iPhone /iPad), interfaces and interactivity, video games, graphics for video, video art, interactive installations, digital arts (2D e 3D).

The course is recognised by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I (180CF).

  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2019
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
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The Media Designer manages sounds, images, interfaces and interactive content.

The first year teaches fundamentals, basic techniques and the methodology that are necessary to operate on projects. During the year, students gain knowledge of the basic tools, both operational and conceptual: from the basic graphic design project for the development of all the interface-applications to the perception of forms and colors, from the software for drawing to how to work on images, from the basics involved in programming to the development of applications. They also acquire the cultural basics that allow to interpret and decode the different languages of visual communication, contemporary art and cinema.

The second year is based upon design projects and the realisation of a multimedia product, experimenting all the potential applications: usability, interfaces, graphics programs, programming. The projects are focused on new media interaction, web communication, interactive systems, and game design. Further experience with application software is given, applying these to the development of an assisted project, with the goal of dealing with all the different aspects of the profession.
The making of applications for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad...), the design of interactive exhibitions and environments, and game design, are the three macro-areas which all the theoretical, technical and cultural teachings revolve around during this second year.

The third year is dedicated to the specialisation and deepening of knowledge regarding all those aspects which are needed to finish in the best way possible a multimedia product. Students must be able to manage a project autonomously: the project is conceived according to a cross-media vision. Students also have to manage the communication of the project, making the most effective choices in relation to the goals established.

The Final Project represents a fundamental learning experience, in which the students can apply the expertise, the design and technical skills they gained. Students have to deal with a complex design issue, simulating  real professional experience. 

The course is accredited by MIUR as an First Level Academic Degree (180 CFU).