Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


3 Years


180 IED (1440 Horas)

Master the possibilities of the fashion image as an instrument to convey feelings, promote products and services, communicate fashion brand identity and values.

The IED Diploma in Fashion Styling, Image and Communication focuses on image analysis, creating innovative styling projects and using them as an effective instrument 
for promotion and sale. 

A fully comprehensive learning experience! You’ll explore trends and visual culture, learn to create visual proposals that have a decisive impact and develop communication strategies for a number of settings, from advertising on traditional media to events, from social networks to fashion films. 

At the end of the 3-year program you’ll have everything you need to use a fashion image to tell stories that make a brand stand out from the crowd, linking the values and needs of your audience with the identity of the brand in its universe. 


Information to decide

In this program you’ll learn how to use the power of the fashion image as an instrument of communication in a variety of languages and settings. 

The syllabus is focused on the image and communication in the fashion industry from a hands-on and creative perspective. With a project-based culture, in this program you’ll develop a number of projects: create a collection, a branding strategy or fashion film, and more. 

The complexity of the learning experience increases gradually as the program progresses. You’ll discover image analysis and develop styling proposals, learn how to use photography and video and present a final project - the culmination of the course where you can put everything you’ve learnt into practice. 

As the program progresses, a variety of different materials and resources will be put at your disposal specifically for the subject being studied. You’ll learn about creative processes in the fashion workshop, while on set you’ll be organising photo shoots and video sessions. 

If you follow the latest trends, are interested in visual culture and the most innovative approaches to styling, fashion shows, editorials and advertising campaigns, the Diploma in Fashion Styling, Image and Communication is the next step in your learning experience. 

This program is for those who want to kickstart their career as a creative, art and image director, who want to master both traditional communication formats and the possibilities offered by digital environments.

This program meets a growing demand for creative, art and image directors, and new communication requirements deriving from the digital evolution. 

You’ll be working with a team of lecturers that includes professionals with years of experience in the sector and technical experts, masters of the various languages and formats you’ll use. All this in a project-based culture with access to IED facilities, tools and spaces to put all the skills you learn into practice. 

Another key factor is the location of the program: Madrid is the capital not only of Spain, it’s the capital of communication in Spain too, where you’ll find some of the major names, so you can live your learning experience right where the action is. 


What will you learn?

In the first year you’ll learn the basics of styling, graphic design and artistic illustration, and get a grounding in the history of fashion. You’ll also learn to identify consumer trends and behaviour. Last but not least, you’ll create a collection project working to a brief for a real company.


Styling and Photography I 6
Project I 6
Graphic design I 5
The Fashion System 4
Art and Fashion I and II 3
Fashion terms 2
Colour and materials 2
Technical illustration 2
Styling and Photography II 6
Project II 8
Graphic design II 5
Sociology and Fashion 2
Art and Fashion II 3
Communication and retail 2
Artistic illustration 2

What will you learn?

In the second year, you’ll consolidate the concepts of the first year and explore subjects such as video, mixed illustration and digital strategies. You’ll also learn about communication strategies and study different media.
The most hands-on part of the course is the production of a Fashion Film, an audiovisual work you’ll create for a real fashion brand. You’ll also develop a branding and communication strategy for a company operating in the fashion industry.


Marketing and Branding I 3
Project III 6
Graphic design III 5
Art direction I 6
The point of sale 3
Communication strategies 2
Editorial analysis 2
Art and Fashion III and IV 3
Project IV 6
Mass Media Image Analysis 6
Video 4
Mixed illustration 2
Digital strategies 2
Sustainability I 3
Media 4
Art and Fashion IV

What will you learn?

In the last year you’ll focus on the entrepreneurial side of business and communication management. You’ll also have access to some of the most innovative tools around including virtual and augmented reality. To finish off your 3rd year in style you’ll present a Final Project, putting everything you’ve learnt into a real fashion proposal.


Projects V 6
Communication I 4
Business I 4
Marketing and Branding II 3
Product management 3
Graphic design IV 3
Sustainability II 2
Research 5
Your portfolio 3
Your CV (in English) 2
Final Project 10
Business II 3
Graphic design V 3
Communication II 3
New media 3
Art direction II


Javier Escorihuela


Silvia Gómez Cisneros


Niko Barrena

Architect, professor, researcher and member of Contra Architecture.