Start date

November 2024


Full time


12 Months

Course Coordination

Serena Danna

Learn to master data by giving it a clear and coherent identity with IED Milano's Master Course in Information Design, which fuses together data journalism, visual journalism and multimedia storytelling to create excellent information solutions.

In an age of chaos and information and data overload, these must stand out, attract attention and foster memory and recollection. To do this, it is necessary to train professionals, experts in a variety of disciplines.

The Master Course in Information Design will train you as a complete professional, able to create the right product - data visualisation, short videos, podcasts, interactive graphics - following all stages independently: from conception, design and production to publication. During the course, you will be able to relate to other professional fields such as journalism, IT development and communication and marketing offices, sectors with which the Information Designer routinely interacts and engages.

Information to decide

The Master Course in Information Design combines face-to-face lessons with courses, seminars, talks, dedicated workshops and tutorials. The lecturers, adopting a multidisciplinary approach, will take you through a truly stimulating course, structured around theoretical-practical lessons and design workshops, thanks to which you will be able to put yourself to the test straight away and discover the importance of empathy and creativity in the development of innovative solutions that meet the needs of the user.

The Master Course is based on three macro-areas of topics: data journalism, visual journalism and multimedia storytelling. The first macro-area is dedicated to the gold of the new millennium: data. You will learn how to locate, select, organise and visualise data. The visual journalism area will give you an overview of the visual development related to photography, illustration and video showing the narrative evolution of languages and the impact of new technologies: from the use of drones to artificial intelligence. The third area will provide you with tools and skills for audience analysis, the functioning of digital and social platforms and for the design and creation of dedicated content. These three pillars of learning will be in continuous dialogue, intertwining opportunities and practices.

The academic career offers a close link to the professional world:  you will come into contact with lecturing staff composed of professionals from leading companies and agencies, active in both national and international contexts, who will be able to tell you about their own first-hand experience.

The Master Course in Information Design is aimed at designers with a background in graphic design or visual communication who want to enter the world of information and dissemination. Profiles with different backgrounds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If you are a lover of data, the world of information, artificial intelligence and semiotics, this is the right path to follow.
Get involved by learning directly from discussions in the classroom, immersing yourself in an extremely practical and concrete environment.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


Thanks to the technical skills you will acquire along the way, you will learn how to tell a story through data visualisation. From defining the idea, researching and selecting the dataset, to designing the visual model and finalising the communication artefact.

We will explore all the new players involved in content production and the factors that determine the success of a product.
Finally, at the end of the course in a dedicated module, we will address the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, during which you will follow all the stages of designing an AI digital product step by step, adopting the Design Thinking approach.

Characterisation Modules

- Narrative Methodology   
- History and Analysis of Journalism  
- Designing Stories  
- Techniques against Disinformation  
- Design 1: Data Visualization Tools 
- Visual Studies: inside the Image 
- New Media Analysis 
- Motion Graphics and Data Animation for Information 
- Design 2: AI and Machine Learning

Transversal Teaching

- Lecture, Case history and Visiting
- Self-entrepreneurship
- Cross cultural activities

Thesis Project

The final project, carried out in cooperation with a real partner, represents the synthesis of the entire educational course. The students demonstrate to the client that they are able to apply all the skills acquired during the course through the development of work in a group that is communicated in a concrete and impactful way in front of an evaluation committee.


Serena Danna

Course Coordinator

Alessandro Alviani

Product Lead for artificial intelligence

Silvia Boccardi


Marianna Bruschi

Francesco Cancellato

Journalist and author

Davide Di Gennaro

Graphic Designer

Lisa Forni

Visual Designer

Stefania Guerra

Information Designer

Michela Lazzaroni

Data visualization designer

David Puente

Journalist and author

Daria Scolamacchia

Photo editor