Fashion Film Direction



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November 2024




On campus


8 Months

Course Coordination

Valentina Ilardi

Learn how to work on a Fashion Film, covering everything from concept development all the way to project execution. Here's what you can do with our Master's Course in Fashion Film Direction at IED Roma

Develop into a professional who can manage the whole process of making a Fashion Film. You will learn how to communicate effectively with all the players involved in the process.

The Master Course in Fashion Film Direction at IED Roma will give you an insight into how to build a story and work with one of the most interesting and in-demand media available in the fashion industry. 

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Learn how to tell stories through publishing videos

The Master's Course in Fashion Film Direction at IED Roma is a training path consisting of 3 different phases, where you will acquire cultural, project-based and technical skills as a preparation for the labs and workshops that you will be attending as you go along.

The first step involves lessons in Film-making, Direction of Photography, Creative Direction and Production Direction and Management, to provide practical support on how to manage the creative part of a project. As part of this phase, you will attend a Shooting Workshop where you will learn, for example, how to move around the film set.

The second phase is about developing and carrying out a personal project. You will also cover such subjects as Casting Direction and Screenplay and Storyboard.

Finally, the third phase involves completing and promoting a Fashion Film, with a special focus on Social Media coverage.

The Master's Course seeks to help you develop your artistic identity as you share ideas with customers and interact with well-known brands of the fashion world. 

The Master Course in Fashion Film Direction at IED Roma is for those like you who feel a deep interest in the world of fashion, with a strong competitive drive and a commitment to this industry. 

The course is open to students who have obtained a First Level Academic Diploma or Degree, or other equivalent qualification in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Communication. It is also open to professionals who have at least two years of professional experience in the specific areas covered by the course. 

The Master's Course in Fashion Film Direction at IED Roma provides an in-depth insight into creative, technical and production aspects of one of the most popular professions in the industry. 

You will constantly interact with some of the key players involved in the making of fashion films, such as Art Directors, Designers, Producers, Sound Engineers and Stylists. This will give you a unique opportunity to acquire project management and executive design skills, as well as a knowledge of art direction techniques.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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Study programme

This Master's Degree consists of a number of courses that will provide you with both theory and practical methods, along with an overview of the main project-related tools you need to be inspired as a designer.


Valentina Ilardi

Stylist, Editor in Chief and Creative Director. 

Course Coordinator

Peppe Tortora

Photographer and filmmaker

Vincenzo Pizzi

Gioele Vettraino


Filippo Ugliengo