Start date

January 2025






4 Months

Course Coordination

Stefano Gangli


2.800 €

Almost everything today is based on communication, and therefore digital media. Develop the best communication plan by combining the right strategic and technological skills

This course prepares you to implement a communication plan, from strategy to execution

This course is ideal if you believe that communication is essential for companies in any sector, and that digital communication is the most innovative solution on the market today according to current technological trends.

Upon completion of this training, you will be prepared to design and manage a digital communication plan that is defined according to specific objectives and is dedicated to a specific target group and coordinate a team of professionals specialising in specific areas.

During the lessons, you will design strategies, plan actions, and organise them into precise timelines until you are ready to create content. You will become familiar with all phases of the project. Furthermore, you will learn development tools to compare yourself with other team members.

Information to decide

Learn how to design, plan and supervise a digital communication strategy.

The objective of the course is to open students’ minds towards a strategic design of digital communication by providing an awareness of the necessary design phases, tools to be used, and the professionals that need to be involved, coordinated, and engaged in order to complete the entire project.

A very practical methodology is applied in this course in order to achieve the desired outcome. The brief for the preparation of the final paper is provided at the beginning of the course, not at the end. As a result, you will be able to work with a clear focus throughout the course and immediately apply the theoretical elements provided by the lecturers to a real-life situation.

This Digital Communication course is designed for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge of digital communication from a strategic, operational, and technological perspective.

In particular, it is aimed at students and industry professionals who are looking for a strategic-creative insight into the creation of a digital communication plan. However, it can also serve as a great beginning point for those who have little experience in the field and are interested in learning more. Prior knowledge is not required. However, a predisposition towards strategic planning is all that is needed.

This course is aimed at training professionals who are fully aware of how to build a digital communication strategy or plan, which encompasses different areas (such as branding, advertising, social media, and much more) as well as integrating the latest technological innovations that characterise the digital world. This will be a transmedia expert who can act as the director of a multi-disciplinary team.

For the purpose of learning how to liaise with different communication professionals, this course will cover several specific topics. These include social media, web user experience, graphic design as well as video editing tools, and much more.

Through this specific training, you will be able to work in corporate environments, web agencies, advertising companies, public sector, and as a freelance. You will also be able to count on the advantages that IED offers all its members. This includes access to job opportunities with its partner companies, as well as receiving advice from an experienced pool of HR specialists who will help you highlight your skills during your search for new employment opportunities.


In these four weeks you will learn how to implement an integrated strategy for a communication plan, gaining awareness through the various modules foreseen. These include communication analysis and strategy, digital marketing and graphic design, which will be followed by more operational lectures on the various tools that will be needed to implement the strategy.


Stefano Gangli

Course Coordinator

Vincenzo Migliano

Isabel Alfano

Digital communication expert & strategist

Roberto Frusteri

Simone Spampinato

Director, Producer and Video Editor

Eugenio Iannelli

Digital Strategist

Leonardo Spina