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Centuries of shared influences have marked the historical and cultural relations between Italy and Spain.

We can remember the Spanish domination over Milan, lasted almost two centuries, and that in southern Italy. In a way, the decision that Spain would be the first country outside Italy to host IED campuses came quite naturally.

In this city, one of the most important in the world and a crossroads of European and Latin American cultures, IED develops its teaching in design in its traditional areas (Design, Fashion, the Visual Arts and Communication), while also implementing innovative areas to train professionals capable of designing interactions, services and systems that put the focus on the individual.

These are professionals who are conscious of contemporary issues able to design according to environmental, ethical-social, economic and political requirements.

The founder and President of IED - Istituto Europeo di Design passed away last night

“I would like to pass on an IED that places at the heart of its reflections the students. The students who are the true driving force of our work. Young talents to support while they navigate within a galaxy of opportunities, not only within their local communities but in the whole world”
OCTOBER, 26TH 2017

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Graphic design

Undergraduate Courses
Major in Graphic Design

The Intensive MA in Graphic Design offers not only the most up-to-date and innovative training, but also an understanding of the foundations of graphic design, the basis of visual communication and the corporative identity of any institution or company.