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The Official Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design trains students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of designing spaces and defining perceptive, physical and functional characteristics of the environment.

The program is based on the project process, where creativity meets technique in order to effectively resolve different situations, keeping in mind the user’s relationship with space on an emotional and physical level, as well as social elements that condition the environment, employing accessibility and sustainability as design tools.

Interior Design: conceptualisation and design of indoor and outdoor spaces, adopting values such as functionality, comfort, aesthetics, accessibility and sutainability. 

Professional Profiles: Interior designers develop new construction projects and renovation works for houses, shops, offices and exhibition spaces, directly influencing the wellbeing of people and improving their surroundings.


  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2021
  • Duration
    4 years
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The Official Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design offers students a solid base in interior design and defines the perceptive, physical and functional characteristics of the environment closest to man: interior and exterior spaces.

The academics of the first year of the Degree in Interior Design focus on the acquisition of basic design knowledge (color, drawing), culture (the history of art and design) and project methodology, all of which are essential in establishing the foundations of a competent professional capable of working in any of the different fields of design.

The third year’s academics probe further into knowledge that is essential for product designers, such as representation tools, production material and systems technology, among others, which are fundamental for initiating students into the design of spaces.

The academics of the third and fourth years focus on students’ specializations as professionals responsible for analyzing and becoming a part of both private and public spaces (businesses, offices, cultural events, leisure spaces, hotels, etc.), obtaining the best possible performance by focusing on aesthetics and diverse functional and social elements, working towards the sustainability and accessibility of spaces. The fourth year culminates in a final degree project, which is a reflection of the students’ training, and a professional job application letter.

By the third year, students may choose from three different specialisations:
Interior Design or Furniture and Decoration Design (Home Design)

Interior Design

The main branch of the degree in Interior Design, it primarily focuses on the conceptualization and development of living spaces. The interior designer defines the experiences that take place in these spaces, designing the small-scale details like textures, finishes, the selection of materials and furniture, and larger elements like the space itself, its distribution, rehabilitation, etc. Among the different spheres of action we find projects for window-dressing, scenery, trade (shops, showrooms), housing, textile design, decoration, hospitals, hotels, events, exhibitions, stands, children’s spaces, and many others within the domestic, trade, leisure, educational, cultural, private and public spheres.

Furniture and Decoration Design (Home Design)

Design in the context of the home is subject to trends, so it is imperative to understand the keys to cutting –edge design in the domestic sphere, both inside and out. Home Design trains students in the design of objects, furniture and accessories to define spaces. The students work in research and the application of materials and specific techniques, bringing artisanal and industrial methods together in the manufacture of products. They design lamps, textiles, household items, furniture, bathroom fittings, packaging and other elements. They cover all aspects related to the design of objects and their relationship with domestic spaces. This course allows students to explore the history of furniture and decoration to experiment and propose new object-based formats.

This program has been recognized by the Autonomous Government of Madrid and the Spanish National Government as an official Degree in Interior Design.